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How Much Money Can I Make With Surveys Online?

Jun 7, 2008
That's a good question. Many things that come by way of ads and unsolicited email on the Internet are questionable get rich now plans. Online money making books. Sign up now and earn. If you put this link on your site and more people click on it you'll get paid. If more of your friends sign up through you, get paid. On and on it goes.

One of these online earning schemes is something most people don't really know about. If they do know about, they dismiss it. It has to do with companies trying to get wind of what their targeted customers or potential customers want and don't want. It's a product or service feedback mechanism. It's called surveys.

If you've been clicking on pop ups that ask you to take a short break and please answer their survey, then you know what an online survey is. If you've been filling out forms about your identity and whereabouts and hobbies, for your social networking sites, the same deal is part of taking online surveys. But you can't get rich quick through. Oh no!

Many people think they must either get rich quick or not at all. But you can earn on the side through answering online surveys. Think about the time you invest checking your email and going through unsolicited mail, including funny forwarded emails from your friends. How long does it take you to check up on your favorite social networking site? How much time do you spend reading news sites or watching YouTube? Do you spend hours chatting?

If you could cut down the minutes on your other surfing habits, and devote a portion of them everyday to answering online surveys, you could be earning on the side. It's like incremental savings, you allot a few coins in your piggy bank and before long, you need a bigger piggy bank. The thing about our behavior on the Internet is that, one, we are multitasking, and two, we hardly notice how much time we spend on surfing activities.

So if we can harness those few minutes everyday and turn them into searching for sites that pay you to answer surveys, to sign up for their surveys, and to actually fill out survey forms and answer questions, you could be incrementally "banking." Let's just call it earning on the side. This is the mature attitude to have.

And then there's online scam. Now that you know that you can make money online, the how much comes into play. The answer is it depends on which sites you go to and how much time you put into it. But this assumes you actually get to find legitimate online surveys. Because there's a lot out there that are just scams.

The usual signs of a scam online survey are exaggerated claims, customer testimonials that sound like they got paid, images of checks and printouts with lines blurred out. These things you see on the scammers' sites are usually fabrications. They won't refund you if you fall into their traps. Look them up, Google up the company and search for their names in forums. Most likely there'll be either praise or disdain for them. Also, if you found out about them through spam, they are scam.

The sooner you spend time to search for and background check online survey companies, the sooner you can tell which is legitimate, and the sooner you can allot time to take their surveys, consistently earn on the side, and later collect that check.
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Greg is an avid writer and a long term internet marketer.He plays a large part in the online paid surveys market, and runs the site OnlineBestSurveys. You can find out about How Much Money Can I Make With Surveys Online? at http://www.onlinebestsurveys.com, a site Greg helps run.
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