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Moving To Alaska-How To Do It

Jun 7, 2008
Although not all shipping agencies transport to Alaska, searching for an international shipping company that does is easy. You can consult your local yellow pages or simply use your chosen search engine to find one that suits you.

It's the small details that you need to be aware of that might make your task a little more difficult. The following user friendly information will make the undertaking of shipping to Alaska a lot easier.

General rules for importing into Alaska:

You are able to import pretty much anything into Alaska, with only a few exceptions that are not accepted under any circumstances. Each item will be subject to import regulations and shipping restrictions, for example: there are weight and size restrictions unless special shipping circumstances are pre-arranged and agreed upon.

These can differ from one item to the next. With regards to import regulations, you will need to contact a customs official to clarify exactly what is required of you before arranging transport with your chosen international shipping company.

Once you have established whether or not your shipment will be able accepted you will need to cross check it against this list of packing rules:

* Any shipment that has been improperly packaged will not be accepted for entry into Alaska, no matter who the international shipping company is
* Any shipment with Styrofoam used as external packaging will not be accepted
* If the item is not legibly marked with all relevant details pertaining to the sender and destination as well as the package contents, it will not be approved for entry.

Service Port and Ports of Entry:

Alaska has one full service port, and 10 ports of entry. Depending what you are shipping will determine which type of port you will need to access. Again, it would be a good idea to contact customs in advance, as they would be able to give advice as to which one will suit your needs.

* A full service port offers entry and collection of goods, as well as inspections, verifications of goods and cargo processing operations.
* A port of entry is a designated area where a customs official will accept shipments from your international shipping company and collect the fees or duties payable after inspecting and accepting your goods under all regulations

Fees Payable:

Most goods brought into the country by an international shipping company will be subject to customs duty and general sales tax (GST). On top of that, your international shipping company will charge you their fees based on:

* Dimensions of the shipment
* Weight
* Distance travelled
* Mode of transport selected for shipment
* Which shipping service or class you select

Most shipping agents will give you an obligation free quote, and will be equipped with all the knowledge and information you will require when arranging to ship to Alaska.
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