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Shipping Company To Hong Kong

Jun 7, 2008
Two of the world's busiest ports are located in Asia: Singapore and Hong Kong. Shipping to Asia can be done via air, sea or road transport, depending on where you are transporting from.

The first thing you need to do is find a reputable international shipping company to do the heavy work for you. By running a search through an internet search engine, you will be presented with many options to choose from. Almost every one will allow you to submit a no obligation enquiry, so that you can make an informative decision when selecting your shipping agent.

Within each mode of transport, there are numerous classifications to choose from ranging from door to door service, door to port, port to port, etc. You will also have the option of having your international shipping company do your packaging for you at an extra cost. This is usually written into the door to door service.

There are ports located throughout Asia, as the trade business into and out of the continent is massive. Some of the listed ports can be located in:

* China with Hong Kong being it's Primary port
* Singapore
* Malaysia
* Thailand
* Indonesia
* Japan
* India
* Iran
* Iraq
* Israel etc

Each port will have its own set of regulations to follow for a swift and uncomplicated entry. Make sure that you confirm these details with your international shipping company before setting your shipment off for entry into Asia. There will also be a list of documentation required from you that varies according to your destination as well as to the goods you are shipping.

Again, your international shipping company can provide you with all the necessary requirements, but the following documents are required in all ports:

* A bill of lading from the country of export
* Proof of purchase and ownership of the items and/or shipment
* A certificate of origin
* Passport and official forms specific to the goods you are transporting

Rates, duties and taxes charged vary according to what it is you are shipping into Asia. Any form of importation is welcomed through its shipping ports, but there are certain restrictions applicable with every country or continent with regards to the actual items. As there are so many different ports in different countries, rules and regulations are not constant throughout Asia. Your international shipping company will know what circumstances will apply to you and can arrange customs clearance, provided you have furnished them with all the relevant details pertaining to your shipment.

They will also be able to advise you on:

* What surcharges and extra expenses will be implemented, as more often than not, a surcharge for fuel is added onto your bill
* Insurance matters. One of the qualifying criterion when making use of an international shipping company is that you have to insure your goods
* Whether or not you will have to declare your shipment and it's contents
* As well as being able to advise you on the estimated duration of travel
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