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Jun 7, 2008
There was universal support among the participants for greater access to complete articles, beyond the approximately 15% that are currently open access. The abstracts provided by PubMed were felt to be necessary in selecting literature to read but entirely inadequate for both evaluating and learning from the research. If the back-up remote engineer is unable to answer the call, the call will continue to be forwarded up the chain-of-command until it is answered and a support team can be put in place. The use of this cascading call-forwarding system ensures that there will always be a remote engineer available to offer immediate assistance to the liaison. By manually coding the content of a subset of these pages, we find that these pages serve many purposes, notably supporting strategic planning of edits and enforcement of standard guidelines and conventions. Our results suggest that despite the potential for anarchy, the Wikipedia community places a strong emphasis on group coordination, policy, and process.

In fact, one could argue that this is the best beginning book on the subject to be found - and keep in mind that we actually wrote one of the competing books. Adobe is also a leader in desktop publishing and has a strong competitor in online video editing as well. Now Adobe is stepping into a whole new world, the world of online Web 2.0 applications. Increased competition and market growth forced the companies to re-evaluate its business processes and technology infrastructure. Oracle's online environment provided .

Both of them are inspired by lightweight Web 2.0 approaches and allow for realtime collaboration. It is very pleasing to note that the Attorney acted swiftly to accept this approach, as indicated in his press release of Sunday 14 May and welcomed in mine the following day. I also indicated in that release that further measures are needed to secure truly equal information access for people with print disabilities. I am hoping the guidance document on value will contribute to the increased awareness in government and the ICT industry of the opportunities available through this approach.

With this system, we want to derive quantitative results about the tradeoff between anonymity and performance penalty. Various systems offering anonymity for near real-time Internet traffic have been operational. However, they did not deliver many quantitative results about performance, bandwidth overhead, or other issues that arise when implementing or operating such a system.

Although I do not think I could even remotely consider going that far, I do like the idea of allowing at least my friends and family to know where I am/what I am doing. This post will concentrate on the where I am part, I have posted some information relating to the what I am doing part on my other, more technical blog though, in case you are interested. From the looks of it, the ideas are not exactly pouring in and have a lot less to do with the greater good than you might expect. The idea is fun, and if it gets people out and active then it can only be a good thing. As for the N82, having played briefly with one, it is a solid device with superb build quality and a good GPS.
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