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5 Ad Copy Miracles To Increase Internet Sales

Jun 7, 2008
There are two types of people, those who like writing - so long as it isn't advertising copy, and those who don't like to write anything, including ad and marketing copy.

They are both in this group though: those who do like to write their name on the back of all the fat checks they get. Increase that kind of writing even more when you try these tips:

1. No marketer writes their copy ideas down and they're done. Copy, just like writing a card to a loved one, takes a bit of time and repeated attempts to get right at what you want to say, and how you want to say it.

Using the idea of the card is a great way to come at this. In your writing you would use care in how you want to come across. You would want your original voice, so you come across authentic, and you would have emotion, a sentiment in there, all to get a response. That is what is missing in most copy. Try writing yours from the perspective of writing that note to an old dear friend.

2. Besides the title or headline the call to action is the most important part of your ad copy. Here is where you drive home the strong suggestion that they buy from you right now. Consider these following points at the end of your copy:

Tell prospects what will occur if they buy your product or service. Don't feature dump, list the most powerful and compelling benefit. What was it that excited you in the first place about your product? Bring that kind of energy into your copy.

You might tell your prospect that the situation they are in can't be solved in any more powerful or simpler way. Mention your experience, the situation you were in, and how things changed because of your product.

3. At the end, summarize a couple of the main features, and the one main benefit to them. They have a pain and you have the balm. Often a testimonial can take the place of you having to say it. A strong, believable testimonial goes a long way.

Also, up until now they've heard from you, now with a testimonial they can hear from someone else, someone like them, or perhaps someone they would like to become, a successful marketer.

4. As a call to action the deadline is very strong. Limited offers, like a discounted price, or any sudden take-away can help propel your prospects to take action.

You might have a bonus in place for the first 100 people; this has been proven to increase sales. And always put into your copy the perceived value of the bonus that you're throwing in.

5. How about upping the guarantee placed at the very end. Give them 60 days instead of 30 days, or how about a lifetime? Who's lifetime? Your sixty-five year-old lifetime guarantee? What is that, a ten year guarantee? Have fun with this, a bit of humor loosens up a prospect.

You see what you're doing here, at the end of your copy you are making a strong case for them to purchase by making it a real no-brainer. Present your internet marketing with some care, and your online sales will increase.
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