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5 Cool Ways To Increase Your Affiliate Commissions This Week

Jun 7, 2008
So you just found a few of the hottest affiliate programs online and you are ready to promote them. Your intentions are very good, but before you run off to spend money or time convincing others to buy from you, check out his list of super cool ways to increase your affiliate commissions.

What is better than starting out with an edge over the many hundreds of people who will be trying to sell the same programs that you are promoting? Incorporate these quick methods into your marketing and you will set yourself apart from everyone else. That head start is important, so plan now, and reap huge rewards later.

1. Start an affiliate directory of your own. One thing I have noticed over the last few years online is that people are looking for value without a heavy sales pitch. By creating a useful directory of affiliate programs, you will get people to bookmark your site, and come back time and time again to look for good programs to join. Over time you should see some good traffic coming to your affiliate programs directory.

2. Participate in chat rooms and forums that are related to your affiliate programs directory. You will give yourself a huge advantage if you personally join all the multi-tiered programs in your directory. This will ensure that anyone joining one of these affiliate programs from your directory immediately becomes your sub-affiliate. You can earn huge affiliate commissions from all these sub-affiliates over time.

3. Write your own advertisements for all the affiliate programs that you are promoting. If you use the same headlines, the same ppc ads, and the same text links as every other affiliate, your ads will not stand out from the crowd. Change all of them. Use new headlines, new classifieds and new text links. People will stop ignoring your ads just because they have already seen a dozen like it elsewhere.

4. Use a personal endorsement on your web page and in your emails when you promote your affiliate programs. This is only applicable if you have personally bought the program, but it will help your prospect to relate to you, and you will look more like a regular person than a salesman. Did I mention that your prospects hate sales people? Start sounding more like your prospects and they will help you increase your affiliate commissions in a short time.

5. Join link2me.com and create back links to your website. This is the deal. If you are really serious about promoting an affiliate program, it makes very good sense to get a domain name that relates to the product. Then go ahead and find hosting for your mini-site. You will promote the affiliate product of course.

A website of 2 to 4 pages is good enough. Now, by using the free service at link2me, you can have many back links coming to your mini site and therefore more traffic. You will start selling more of these products or services and therefore earn more affiliate commissions. One of my websites has a PR rank of 3 and is still growing, just because of this one strategy.
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