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How to Fund Your Small Business Startup

Jun 7, 2008
Starting a small business is all about managing adversity against all odds, especially if you are in a position where you need cash to give your business that necessary kick and a chance to survive. Finding money is your key to survival and there are several resources where you could turn to get that much needed capital.All the sources which you turn to get capital will always have a few questions they will ask and those questions most likely will be that how you are going to put to use the money? How much cash would you need? How are you going to repay back the money?

Make sure you have a business plan which tells each and everything about your business, you should be able to predict the cash flow of your business and you should be able to have reasonably accurate financial projections about your business.

The first avenue for you to get money with no questions asked is your personal savings. Borrow against your securities or stocks you own or you can borrow against your 401(K) retirement plan. Another capital source is line of credit which is a short term credit for your working capital needs. This line of credit gives you the comfort that if your finance from actual business operations gets a little delayed then you can use this to purchase raw materials or pay salary to employees. Credit cards is also another source of money but the fact is that this money is very expensive and not recommended unless absolutely essential.

Venture capitalist and angle investors will invest in your company if you have a path breaking great idea or if you have a good background in a big corporate firm. But these would probably demand a share and say in the management.

Last but not the least; small business administration will help you get micro loans. These loans are disbursed by local bodies or non government organizations. Then there are specific grants which you can get if you qualify the criteria such as a certain minority type or a special area of research.

In the end, it is your passion and only passion for business which will help you find solutions to these startup challenges.They that enterpreneurs have been a boon to the economy of a country and it is true for grants as well. Governments want to make sure that enterpreneurs get all the help so that they can succeed and help make the economy strong. So rush to apply for grants available for small businesses.
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