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Billion of Dollars of Grants For Small Businesses

Jun 7, 2008
Grants as explained in a lay mans language is a free gift of money, goods or services. The grants for small businesses are never to be paid back and they are tax free. This is precisely the reason for grants being so competitive and almost everyone who goes the entrepreneurial route will try to get grant as this gives him that much needed capital to take the business a few notches above the crowd.

Guess how much grant money is given each year to the small businesses. The number is in the hundreds of billions of dollars. The reason for giving these grants is simple, to stimulate the economy, help the communities which are traditionally not so socially uplifted, and help women who want to be independent and also help war veterans who are looking for their new role in the society.

There are various sources of these grants namely, foundations,government and corporate houses. The grant amounts can range from hundreds of dollars to thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars, based on the type of project being funded and who is funding the project.

You would always hear of foundations giving out grant money, these foundations set up by wealthy families and individuals help in certain areas especially medical research, or social upliftment or even purely being a business evangelist.

Corporate give grants from their profits set aside for the purpose of giving grants. These corporations usually will dole out money to gain some good press and get some positive points in the world of greed and money.

Government grants are given by federal, state or local governments with most being grants being disbursed by the state or the local governments. Federal grants are very few and the mostly the government channels money to state or local agencies which in turn give grants to special projects for economic or social development or even rural area development.

In the end, it is your passion and only passion for business which will help you find solutions to these startup challenges.They that enterpreneurs have been a boon to the economy of a country and it is true for grants as well. Governments want to make sure that enterpreneurs get all the help so that they can succeed and help make the economy strong. So rush to apply for grants available for small businesses.Governments all over the world wish you to succeed and help them generate employment and also create products for consumption.
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