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Search Engine Optimization Has To Be Done Right

Jun 7, 2008
Search Engine optimization over time it appears, more and more search engines are using this strategy to help achieve better search results for all of their visitors. This ultimately translates into better positioning for those smart enough to incorporate such a method into their web pages. In order to take full advantage of this method, you will need to include your most important keywords in your URL.

Keywords and key phrases are the words and phrases that searchers will enter into search engines when they are looking for particular products, services, sites or information. Identifying the search terms that relate to the various areas of your site and your business is obviously important. Keyword research is a crucial precursor to further SEO related site enhancement. Most important is to identify the terms that would not only lead searchers to your site but also result in conversions. This means that you are meeting the needs of the users as they are translating into willing customers.

A free tool that allows you to find out what your visitors are searching for, enabling you to improve your site is FreeFind. FreeFind's advanced site search engine and automatic site map technology can be added to your website for free. Consider also that if your site has been constructed as a series of sites, or linked pages, then you will need to apply these search engine optimization techniques to each page individually. The keywords used in the text of each page title will be the magnet that draws traffic to the site.

This means choose SEO keywords that have high keyword frequency demand and low keyword competition. This makes it easier for you to rank highly at the search engines and helps bring more interested motivated visitors (potential customers) to your website. Instead of creating search engine optimization initiatives to tackle hundreds of keywords, the top converted pay-per-click keywords are targets. Site content, link building, and various other search engine optimization techniques can push these elite keywords. Advertisers do not have to waste time trying to get rankings on keywords that do not convert. The numbers are provided; it does not matter where the competition is ranked.

Google provide a tool that helps you develop a Pay Per Click (ppc adwords) campaign. You can also use it to find good potential keywords for your website content. The advantage of this tool is that it gives a lot of potential keywords. You put in your website URL into their tool, and they generate a lot of potential keywords. The disadvantage is that the tool gives the keyword traffic results in bar graphs, not numbers. You can also enter individual keywords, and Google will return synonyms and other potentially related keywords. Google has excellent instructions on their website for using both aspects of this tool.

It is a very good idea to have your business name in the title of your home page, but after that it may well be a waste of important space and keywords to include it on each individual page on the website. By using your chosen important keywords instead, you will find your site will be displayed nearer to the top listings on the search engines.

Some businesses have a very general market. They may be optimized to seek high search engine rankings using common general keywords and phrases. This use of very general keywords can work for sites with broad interests. For example, a magazine site, a general news site or any site using an advertising revenue model may benefit from broad optimization strategies and very general keywords.

If your website has a specific interest, reliance on very general keywords may be less effective. Use of very general keywords brings large volumes of website traffic with little benefit for your business. This is because people type in general keywords for many different reasons. They are often seeking something very different than your goods and services. They may come to your site and leave immediately. This results in low conversion rates. It is wasted effort and does not help your business grow.
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