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The Winning Formula - Applying For Government Grants

Jun 7, 2008
Government grants are very hard to come by and the competition is very stiff for those grants. There a few basic things which make a difference in your grant application being selected or your application being rejected. The best and the most important reason for the attractiveness of these grants is that they are free, you do not need to pay these back,no qualifications required as compared to loans.

The government has kept a substantial amount for grants so that the social strata and economic status of the minorities can be upgraded to a respectable level which in turn also helps the economic landscape of the country as well.Look at the way the government disburses these grants is through government grant assistance programs. The main purpose of the grants is to lend to entrepreneurs, unemployed youth, some for special farmland development, some for women entrepreneurs only and some for education and vocational training of the minorities.

As your research your way to a grant you require you will keep hearing all those stories about how had the grants are very hard to come by, you will hear horror stories of the people who so desperately were need of the grants and the grant officer rejected the application. Correct and rightly so, dig deeper into these half baked stories and the truth is that almost never ever a grant application was rejected of a worthy candidate. The government be it local,state or federal is always in search of candidates who are truly deserving, and the ways to show them that you truly deserve the grant is through your application. A lengthy long drawn affair but worth every penny.

Do not avoid that due diligence to know each and every aspect of the grant application process, especially how many forms are needed, what kind of detailed information they require and what additional supporting documents they require. Even if you seek professional assistance make sure that you have read all the requirements yourself and you know almost all the things as the professional you have hired.

Here are my secrets to successful grant application.

1) Due Diligence

2) Hire professionals

3) Know your enemy or competitors

4) Know your business well enough to answer any question about it.

5) Show empathy with grant review officer, which means give him all information he needs in one snapshot and he can make a quick decision.

6) Research a lot , as if you are in a do or die situation and people come out tops in a critical situation.

These secrets will help you reach your goal of obtaining a grant of your liking and boost your business.
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Amit has website which give out information about federal grants for small business. He also writes regularly about free grants for small business loans.
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