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How Autoresponders Can Boost Your Potential Sales

Jun 7, 2008
What exactly do you want out of an autoresponder? Do you want to use one so that you can capture the information of your customers and visitors to your website? If not, then you will find yourself losing out on nearly 80% of the potential earnings from residual income opportunities including your existing crop of customers and those yet to sign up!

I am sure anyone would prefer that money in their pockets and not left on the table. Keep in mind that there are many great hosted autoresponders that are available to you over the internet. There are several key advantages to these because they are set up and hosted for you. With that in mind, you don't need to worry about any of the technical aspects of running an email list.

Additionally, you will not have to waste needless time worrying about your normal hosting company complaining about the mass amount of emails that you send from your account (this can be considered a real problem which can cause your host to shut your account down). However, the only drawback is that you will be required to pay a monthly fee. A hosted autoresponder service is not free but the benefits greatly outweigh any nominal monthly charges.

Using autoresponders will save you more time so that you can market your wares as well as popularizing your website. These can be very time-consuming as well as incredibly exhausting for you. You can really save precious time for yourself by simply automating all of your other tasks by using a reliable service.

Implement them to answer the email inquiries of potential clients, create and manage your email marketing list, and of course send out promotional emails to your subscribers. It is great because the time that you save from these menial tasks can then be used to promote your products by using other marketing tools such as article marketing, forum posting, article writing and SEO.

Another very simple option is to use a free autoresponder service and then host it on your own site. They are really quite easy to set up on your own hosting account and then you can manage all of your emails automatically by bursting off one mass email. However, free autoresponders have several drawbacks, such as lower delivery rates and they are more prone to receiving spam complaints.

You can also take the initiative and create a series of autoresponder messages or a free mini-course that your subscribers will get treated to for several weeks after joining your list. If your list gets too big (more than a few thousand), you may wish to kick it into overdrive as to just how many emails you can send out within any given hour which is within the setting of many autoresponders. This feature can usually be set up quickly and effortlessly by following a simple tutorial.

As anyone can see, autoresponders are such an integral component of doing online business. They are simple to use, very effective and quite inexpensive to maintain. Also, they are virtually guaranteed to make your job much easier and above all, you can get thousands of customers in only a short time.
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