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The Ultimate Strategies To Boost Your Pagerank

Jun 7, 2008
You may be interested about how to improve your pagerank. The methods to do this help you improve search engine rankings as well, so you may want to know how to do this. There is a benefit behind it. But having a pagerank of seven means nothing at all if your website is not ranked anywhere for your niche keywords.

Getting one way links.

That is the number one method. Now there are many methods to get one way links. The more you get, the higher your pagerank. The faster you get them, the faster you see pagerank increase. Nothing too difficult to understand there.

Popular websites like youtube, google, yahoo and so on have a high pagerank simple because almost everyone links to them. They get many one way links automatically from people.

The higher the pagerank of the webpage that links to your site the better, because it gives your site more pagerank. The less outbound and inbound links on that webpage the better. Outbound links are links that point to other websites and inbound links are links that point to other webpages on that same site.

A one way link from a content website is always better than a one way link from a directory. One within an article is more better than one in the bio section of the article. Bio section is located just after the article. A link inside content is always better.

But how all this may help you. After all you are not going to spend all that amount of time to get one way links. However if you can hire someone you can give them specific instructions. They are going to do the work anyway not you. You might as well provide them clear instructions as to what you want, you get more benefits.

Instead of getting a thousand one way links from anywhere, you can get a hundred from pagerank six webpages. The main benefit is that it is easier and faster to get hundred than a thousand backlinks so you get backlinks faster and rankings improve faster.

So here are some other things to consider.

Now you need to decide which webpage on your website you want to have the highest pagerank. Usually it is the homepage. You can use nofollow tags to filter almost all your pagerank to your homepage. It means your other webpages will pass pagerank to the homepage. To do this simple link to your homepage whenever you can, just one link from each webpage.

Then put the nofollow tag on the links on your homepage that either point to your inner pages or to other websites. So your homepage does not pass any pagerank at all.

These help your rankings, simple because your homepage is getting many backlinks and it links to none.

So think carefully for a bit of time if you have a budget set aside to hire someone to help you in search engine optimization. You can make a big difference by taking in consideration some simple things that can help you get more powerful one way links in a short period of time.
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