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Wealth Funnel System against Big Ticket To Wealth

Jun 7, 2008
Finding the right online business can be a difficult task considering the numerous of programs available today. If you've been considering Big Ticket To Wealth as an answer to the problem, I'd like to briefly compare it to an equally profitable business and call attention to some pros and cons.

The creators of Big Ticket to Wealth, Gerald Van Yerxa and Brian McCoy, have been working with every affiliate marketing program that has been around; which is reflected in the opportunity they've created. For example, if you're familiar with EDC Gold or EDC Diamond you'll notice some obvious similarities between the two. Both programs provide access to numerous software programs for its members to sell online. Therefore, the profits lie in the reselling of those products. Though the creators have made an attempt to make Big Ticket look more appealing by adding some catchier web pages and enhanced compensation plans, it's really just a whitewash of other product based companies like EDC.

Furthermore, Big Ticket along with the other programs that mirror it, all seem to lack a certain focus that really should be the priority of any home based business. A large majority of individuals seeking a home based business know nothing about operating one, let alone doing so successfully. Therefore, before the products and the web pages and the great compensation plan there has to be a system in place that shows newcomers what to do in order to see the checks come in. What matters is not what you sell but how you sell it.

How often do you come across products that you never would have guessed could make someone money? Take a look at slinkies, the pet rock, yo-yo's, countless work out videos. Sometimes it doesn't make sense, but if there is a market for any product and people that are willing to buy, then the money is there if you know how to reach those buyers. The real money lies in the ability to market. If you learn how to reach the millions of individuals surfing the net every day, you can sell anything and make money.

The only home based business that I've seen to place emphasis on teaching its new affiliates how to properly market online is Derrick Harper's Wealth Funnel System. Derrick Harper has a 13 year internet marketing career, having worked with big names such as MTV, Pfizer, Weber Grills, and many other popular brands. In the Wealth Funnel System, he takes his knowledge and provides hours of video and reading material to help the rookie start off in the right direction.

Also, rather than give WFS members a long list of products to market online, he sticks to just seven. Seven highly profitable products that have shown to put profits in pockets.

So if you're leaning towards Big Ticket To Wealth as a likely candidate for your online business, make sure you know how to market all of those products. Or if you're still searching, find the system that will provide you with education. Its one of the most important things to look for if you're new to the game of online marketing.
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