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Understand These Two Basic Secrets to Sponsoring and Recruiting, You're On Your Way To Freedom

Jackie Khor
Jun 7, 2008
There is no one right way when it comes to sponsoring and recruiting. Nevertheless, if you have this key attitude of mind in approaching your sponsoring and recruiting process, you're definitely going to be much happier and more productive in your home business.

Here are the secrets:
Secret Number One: Follow-Ups
You heard me before saying that the money is in the list. The fortune is in the follow up. This is true. The money is actually being made during the "follow-up" conversation after a presentation has been given, and any questions have been answered. This is when your prospect actually buys something.

That being the case, the "follow-up" process is where you want to spend the majority of your time. The more follow-ups you have, the more orders you take.

There are two types of follow-ups: Active and Passive.

1. Active follow-ups consist of the personal calls you have with the prospects who have voluntarily shown an interest in becoming a customer or distributor.

2. Passive follow-ups is where you can leverage your time and efforts by building rapport, respect, and a relationship with your prospects via an email auto responder

But, calling your leads personally will always bring better results. You have a much higher chance of getting them to buy or join your business.

This is human psychology. People who are willing and ready to spend on your offer would like to know who you are in their eyes, there is a real person behind the system on whom they can rely to help them. Simply, people want to talk with real people. Your phone calls give you the ultimate competitive advantage in today's saturated "mlm systems"

If you are expecting to build your business from your computer without talking to anyone, you're misled. It is not your fault. The online MLM market has become saturated with systems promising things like:

No selling,
The system does the work for you,
We close sales for you,
You don't need any skills,
No phone calling,
No prospecting,
Build your downline on autopilot.

They are so attractive for they offer a much easier and better alternative to the "traditional prospecting" methods. Finally! No more cold calling, buying leads, home meetings and hotel meetings. But watch out!, there is no truth to it. You still need to bring in your leads in order to earn money from the pool.

I must say I was sold on Attraction Marketing for I don't have to rely on cold calling, buying leads and hotel meetings. Attraction Marketing is still great because it better qualifies prospects and allows me to talk with more qualified prospects that want what I have. This is better than wasting my time chasing dead end leads that aren't very interested in a business opportunity.

First Approach 2% sign, Second Approach 3% sign ,
Third Approach 4% sign, Fourth Approach 5% sign and
Fifth Approach a WHOPPING 80% sign.

Never forget to go back to the people you have approached. You might be the 5th approach!

Secret Number Two: Posture
If you're going to sell something to someone, you've got to find a way to get "invited" into their world as a welcomed guest, instead of a pest.

If you want to make the sponsoring process effortless, you need to increase your value to your prospects by increasing your level of knowledge and experience like showing them how to generate their own leads online, how to build their own capture pages and etc.

Recruiting is about leadership and you must demonstrate that you are the leader through both verbal and non-verbal cues, otherwise they will not join you.

Here are some examples of you having good posture:
1. Be healthy and fit. People who stay fit are more attractive. It shows self-respect and they generally have a more positive outlook about themselves.

2. Dress sensibly. It is better to be dressed neatly and not too much out of date fashion for it conveys a lack of social intelligence.

3. Be comfortable with yourself. Stand or sit relaxed and talk calmly. You're confident.

4. Have a sense of humor and smile. It is attractive.

5. Don't be needy. Having an abundance mentality will allow you to let go of your fears, your neediness and the emotional attachment to the outcome from prospecting.

6. Be unaffected by others. Don't react to people's bad emotionals or try to impress them.

7. Always be the one to lead interactions and conversations.

There are a lot of tips on recruiting on the Internet which will make a huge impact in your business. Believe it or not, when you can communicate well in all forms (email, copywriting and speaking), you will start exuding magnetism and people will be naturally drawn to you. This is one of the greatest gifts you'll ever receive. It will allow you to truly see yourself for who you are, where you're strong and where you're weak, which then gives you the ability to transform yourself in to who you want to ultimately become.
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