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The 4 Things You Need To Make Money From Home

Jun 7, 2008
You may be shocked to discover how easy it is to get started making money from home, and dismayed at how difficult it is to succeed.

It isn't rocket science, but knowing the exact steps you need to take to make money is a time consuming process, unless you find someone who can show you the step by step process, and answer any questions you might have.

In this article, I cover the 4 things you must have in order to make any money with a home based business. Miss any one of these 4, and you will not earn one penny.

Here are the four essential things you need:

1. Something to sell. It doesn't need to be your product or service (but you make more money if it is yours), but you need something to sell.

2. Customers. Yes, you need customers - those people who buy what you have to sell, and pay you money. They may pay someone else, and you get paid a cut from the vendor. That's called commission sales, or affiliate sales, and is a common way to make money at home, since it does not require you to have inventory. It's the easy way to make money, since you don't need to process orders and refunds, handle complaints, deal with customers, or put up with refund requests.

3. A place to sell. Online, you can sell stuff using email, or a website. Email is dangerous, because of spam complaints, and the difficulty in doing email marketing legally without spending a small fortune. Selling via a website is much easier, since nowadays you don't even need to own the website - there are hundreds of free to join sites that let you make your own web pages and sell your stuff. Sadly, these sites get shut down, or delete your account, as frequently as most people go to the toilet, so this ends up being hard work that needs to be repeated over and over - unless you buy and build your own website.

4.A way to get potential customers in front of your message. In other words, advertising. If your potential customers never learn about what you have to offer, they will never buy from you. Advertising can be very expensive, and not work very well if you don't know what to do. This is another reason why owning your own website is such a powerful thing, because then you can do things to get people going to your website without spending much money. Things like links pointing to your site, or other people writing about your products and services. You can optimize your site and get google and other search engines recommending you to everyone who searches for your products. You can start an affiliate program, and have thousands of other people recommend your site to their clients and subscribers. In short, getting potential customers in front of your message doesn't need to be expensive at all.

If you get these four pieces of the puzzle together:

A hungry market + a product they want + a way to put the hungry market in front of the product they want = potential sales

The only other thing you will need to make sure is they buy what you are selling, and that is where persuasive selling and effective copywriting will make a huge difference. If you get these steps all put together properly, you will start to make money from your home business, and could in fact earn more income that most people do in their office job.

If the idea of making money from home excites you, then find a system to follow and get started today. It is possible to make a lot of money from the comfort of your own home.
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