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Earning Money Is A Good Way To Get Over Your Fear

Jun 7, 2008
Is it normal to be scared? I think so! It is not a useless emotion, it gets you to stop and think! But don't let it paralyze you either!

Alot of people, and personal development gurus believe that the highest priority to life change or doing something great is eliminating or dealing with fear. If you have a system that helps you consistantly earn thousands of dollars daily, fear is easily overcome. I have had gurus tell me that I should have a saying when my fear or "little voice" starts talking in my head like "thanks but no thanks" or what T. Harv Eker says "thank you for sharing". They are talking about control but many of their customers take this the wrong way and try to ignore fear altogether.

If I ignore my fear every time I want to do something, and believe me I like to try some stupid things every once in a while, I could end up in a tight situation with no plan and no way out. I will admit that what the gurus are talking about are opportunities that we don't take advantage of because we are scared! To come to grips with this "fear" we spend thousands on gurus. But here is an even better answer: come up with a system that takes advantage of every opportunity and earns you cash. If you have a system that could consistantly make you thousands of dollars every day-- how "scared" would you be then?

Focus on an abundant life with abundant love and abundant cash flow. Don't address fear by ignoring it but, don't let it paralyze you either. Our team has helped people do just that. We can help you come up with a system that works to raise cash and eliminate or control fear.

Here are some steps to a great system:

1. You need a great product that works well and is in high demand by the public. This may take market research by yourself or find out using google or wickipedia.org what research has been done. Network marketing companies are another great source.
2. Find a product that is consumable, so it will be bought over and over by the public. This is why most gurus come and go, eventually they run out of market or they have gotten extremely rich.
3.Have or create a large audience. You can do this using internet marketing. If you were part of a team that worked with you on this, that would help.
4. Have a team that assists you in getting your business built. You don't have to pay this team because they have the same interest that you do. If you don't do well they don't do well.
5. You have to have leverage! Your business and team will grow with you. And they do it exponentially.

The best place for all this is network marketing. The key to it is teamwork! Make sure you are on the right team. A team that will not let you fail and will teach you the business from the ground up.

I have been involved in a great team and it doesn't take lists of your friends and family that you bug to death. It takes a team working together. When you have that team you have your system. And when someone asks you "weren't you scared?" you can say-- "terrified, but then I saw my first paycheck!"
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John Finn, the total success guru, helps people working at home find success using the internet and free ads to market their network marketing business. Find out how you can get on a successful team using an internet marketing system at http://WorkAtHomeLazyMan.com
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