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5 Steps To Take Over The Top In Any Market Using The Internet

Jun 7, 2008
Big time business owners know the secret to success: Marketing! Knowing marketing is enough to overcome difficiencies in product knowledge for success and wealth. I found a system that you can use to become successful in any market even if you have no clue about the industry and have no money.

The key for you is to follow a specific niche's marketing leader and the trails they leave behind. Sometimes these leaders have big market share and a product with big issues. If we can improve their product and follow the trail they took to get to the top we may take over a large share of their market! Their trail is all over the internet.

Let's check it out!

Suppose you used a product which was the leader in a specific niche but needed tremendous improvement. If there are flaws that need drastic improvement in categories like product performance, customer service etc. you may have found the ideal candidate. Chances are that they may outsource the manufacture of the product, its components or even the customer service. You can find these vendors using wickipedia.

Products that come to mind are Dragon's Naturally Speaking or Apple's iphone. Good products that can be drastically improved. Their trail can be found on the internet.

Let's run through the steps.

1. Follow the trail: Find out everything the leader has done including:
a. who does the manufacturing,
b. how long before product luanch did the marketing
c. Did the leader have popular spokespeople leak or
talk about the information of the new product to
the press?
d. What type of management team do they have? Who
does the customer service? Who manufactures each

Again, use Wickipedia.

2. Determine what the issues of the product are and how it can be made better using "ask" campaigns and "google".
a. Do product user surveys and find out likes and
dislikes about the product. Ask how the product
can be improved what features should be added.

3. List the items that need to be done in the order that they should be done.
a. Most companies will need to determine who
1) Manufacture it
2) distribute it
3) Scheduled completion date
4) how it will be marketed, advertised and when
all this will happen.

If you get this list of what the leader did when they introduced this product, all you have to do is follow that plan to the letter.
b. Now determine who was contacted initially to be their spokesperson. Contact them to determine their availability if you introduced a drastically improved product.
c. You are using the same marketing as the leader but with a better product so you can expect a lion share of their sales.
d. Advertise on-line to find a manager with a proven track record to run the operation.
e. Ask venture capitalists to invest by showing them:

1) How you(actually the vendors) will improve
this product.
2) Your marketing plan with all the same spokes
people, marketers and manufacturers onboard

It will be a slam dunk for a capitalist who pays attention.
d. Go through this on paper to determine events that
need to be accomplished, their chronological order
and who is going to be responsible for
accomplishing them.

4. Determine when everything will be completed, step by step.

5. Follow the steps in order until you are on your way actually accomplishing the goal.

Apply this system to an on-line business and accomplish the task faster.

Find a leader in a niche with an on-line information product. Do a survey using "Ask" or "Survey Scout" to determine how the product can be improved. Find the marketing steps of this leader and
follow them.

Break it down into the 5 steps:

1. Go to wickipedia to determine who these people worked with. Who developed their software or info product. How did they market it? Follow their trail.

2. Develop a new and improved product.

3.Make your list. This time you probably will not need a venture capitalist because your start-up costs will be low. Write down who will be responsible for each item.

4. When will each step be accomplished?

5. Follow the plan and take action.

Always use the rule of thumb that "easier is better". Do not make life in business more difficult! If the plan may take years to implement, you may want to start smaller. When you get good at the small stuff, move up to the harder.
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John Finn, the total success guru, helps people working at home find success using the internet and free ads to market their network marketing, affiliate or private product business. Find out how you can get successful free advertising for your internet business at http://FreeAdSuccess.com
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