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Using an Ezine to Market your Company

Jun 7, 2008
Anyone who uses the Internet regularly has heard of or seen an ezine. However, what many people don't know is that ezines are one of largest and most inexpensive resources for marketing a business online. Ezines provide companies a simple way to create a name for themselves, while simultaneously driving new traffic to their website. There are many reasons why companies use ezines as a promotional tool. Among them are branding, exposure, traffic, increasing credibility and additional income. There is almost no company in existence that would turn down free advertising and that is why ezine advertising has become so popular. Not only can companies use the articles they write for an ezine to promote their business, but often they can make residual income off selling related e-books or articles to other sites.

When you write an article for an ezine not only does it create exposure for your company, but it brands you as an expert, which helps to increase your credibility among prospective customers. When you publish articles on an ezine for the purpose of advertising you are significantly increasing your companies exposure. When people use a search engine or an ezine site and they locate your article, they are then aware of both your company and your expert knowledge on your company related subjects.

Ezines generally allow authors to place links within their articles or on the article pages. After a prospective customer has read an informative ezine article and they are thinking about using a related product or service they may follow that link to your site, thus increasing your sites traffic. It is important that the articles you place on an ezine and link to your website are well written. These articles should encompass the use of keywords that are related to your business. The article should not be an advertisement in the general sense of the word. In fact, in most cases it should not even mention your specific company name. It is more important that a reader feel they are getting genuinely useful and credible information without feeling like they are reading a glorified advertisement for your business.

You can link and brand, but you should not be selling yourself in an overly obvious way. If the article is good it will peak the curiosity of the user and they will investigate further by clicking on the embedded links. When properly implemented an ezine advertising campaign can increase your reach, your credibility and help you establish relationships with publishers that can be useful and long-term. An effective ezine article will give your prospective customers something, without asking for anything in return. It is a way to establish trust with prospective customers and develop long-term relationships with them.

Although advertising through an ezine does not pose any obvious financial risk, poorly written articles may represent your company in a negative light. If you are not a skilled writer it is best to hire a freelance writer to write your ezine articles for you so they are polished and effective.
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