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Australia The Great Impot Export Countrty

Jun 8, 2008
Australia might be the smallest continent in the world, but it has an extensive reach when it comes to importing and exporting. You will find no problems in locating an international shipping company to go the distance for you, and it won't cost you anything to submit obligation free enquiries with most of them.

Before entrusting your chosen international shipping company with the responsibility of transporting your goods to Australia, here are some general facts and figures that you should be aware of.

Australia supports international trade and welcomes people to import goods into the country. The goods must however, meet a certain level of standards with regards to customs regulations, successfully passing through quarantine and labelling requests.


* Your international shipping company can do this for you. This will be an extra expense, but think of it as piece of mind that the job has been done properly
* Label your packages or shipment clearly with all forwarding details, specifications of the contents and clear details of your destination and shipping agent.

Customs procedures and quarantine:

* Certain personal belongings and household items being brought into the country might be subject to a quarantine examination. Items of particular interest here are personal possessions that have come into contact with earth or vegetation.

* Although it might not hold you back at all, you should allow for up to a 14 day wait until the customs officials are satisfied that your goods are fit for entry. One option to consider would be to send your personal effects ahead of time so that you are not without them when you personally enter into the country
* Certain items are prohibited such as products made from animals on the endangered species list. It is important to confirm these prohibitions with either your international shipping company or the Australian customs officials

* Duty, taxes, GST payable, as well as documentation required, vary according to what you are bringing into the country. Some items are duty free.

Ports of entry:

There are a number of ports in Australia. Some might not be on the routes taken by your particular international shipping company, and some may not welcome the goods you are transporting. Each region has its own set of ports, some of the primary ones being:

* Port Adelaide in South Australia
* Darwin in the Northern Territory
* Sydney Harbour in New South Wales. Newcastle, Eden Port and Port Kembla also assist in importing the millions of tons worth of shipments that come through this region's ports every year
* Cairns Port and Port of Brisbane in Queensland
* Port Dampier and Port Hedland in Western Australia
* Port of Melbourne in Victoria which, incidentally, is Australia's largest cargo and container port

Different ports deal with different commodities and merchandise, and all will be able to furnish you or your international shipping company with the details of these specifications.

When in doubt, contact your shipping agent as they are in constant contact with the relevant people and should be able to answer any questions you might have.
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