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A Review of 3 Coffee Business Opportunities

Jun 8, 2008
Whether you are a prospective customer or thinking about a business, coffee businesses have much to offer. If you are a serious coffee drinker and can appreciate well-run businesses, here are 3 coffee business opportunities worth considering:

1.The Coffee Beanery
2.It's a Grind
3.Cuppy's Coffee

We'd like to include Starbucks on this list as it would likely be a natural choice for many to review since it is one of the most popular coffee brands out there today. Starbucks coffee franchises, however, are not available currently.

In order to properly evaluate these businesses, let's look at as many of the principal factors of each: business presence, coffee quality, originality, and pervasiveness of their brand name.

While many will say they focus on quality coffee, honest business, and satisfied customers, the real challenge is also knowing which coffee business is primed for massive growth in your area.

The Coffee Beanery is one of the oldest and largest coffee franchises around. Having 27 company-owned units is a plus for a franchising company since you know they started and tested their business before selling their coffee franchises. They lack exposure in many US states as they are only in 9 states presently with 159 franchised outlets. This could present a problem especially if you want to leverage the brand name in your market which could be undeveloped. This usually tends to increase the marketing investment to generate publicity.

If you are tired of coffee shops which place too much emphasis on current fads and trends for both their atmosphere and their products, you may be ready for the It's a Grind opportunity. They have not lost sight of what is truly important in the coffee world - good coffee and ambiance. If you think about it, that's the main point of drinking coffee - enjoying every cup.

A good coffee company is only as good as its coffee. It's A Grind does not need the kinds of odd creations you may find in other coffee shops, because quality coffee does not need to hide behind frills. Instead, you will have the finest and tastiest coffee to be found anywhere. They import coffee from around the world, resulting in a nice variety of coffees from which you can choose your favorite or try something new. Their selection of coffees give each a classic taste that is memorable and delicious. As each stage of the roasting process is carefully overseen to ensure perfect quality and taste, every cup of coffee will be a delightful experience.

Although shops have been opened in many areas around the United States, It's A Grind still maintains it's originality. You can find plenty of trendy coffee chains nearly anywhere you go, but you will not find anything quite like them. The emphasis on presenting the very best coffee simply cannot be matched.

In addition to appreciating the high-quality products offered by your coffee house, your customers will become regular customers because it will be unique to your location. Unlike some coffee chains, which you can see a number of in any city, their coffee houses are not mass-produced. If you choose to open and operate one, there will not be others to compete with in your area. Starbucks, on the other hand, has aggressively opened stores around the US causing cannibalization of their own outlets which leads to underperformance overall. The policy of allowing only one franchise in a specified territory is greatly beneficial to the success of your coffee business. Sometimes, less is more.

Cuppy's Coffee approaches their business from a unique angle. They emphasize delivering your drink, whether a smoothie or blended coffee "in under a minute". For those in a hurry, this may be a good approach. For other customers, fast may not matter to them. It will cater to that niche of impatient, "gotta-have-it-now" crowd that seems to be growing in numbers.

Cuppy's is established in USA, South Africa, and Canada with around 375 outlets in all. With just 49 franchises, they have a large number of corporate-owned outlets and can be considered a late player in the coffee franchise business entering the market in 2006.

The standards of a good coffee house are primarily based on presenting high quality, good tasting products to its customers in an environment people enjoy visiting. When you decide to open your own coffee house outlet, you will be able to put these values into action while gaining all of the benefits of a profitable business venture.

If you decide that a certain franchise is for you, all three coffee franchises will provide all of the training and support that you will need to make your business venture a success. Even if you have not had any prior experience in retail coffee sales, your motivation to do well and your determination to succeed can make a coffee house franchise the opportunity of a lifetime. With the franchisors' ongoing support and systems, you will increase your probabilities of success.
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