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Building Any MLM Downline Quickly

Jun 8, 2008
MLM program success requires that you build a large "downline" of highly motivated, excited representatives willing to work on a steady and consistent basis to build the team even further. You also need to keep the momentum running through continuous and speedy expansion. Speed creates excitement and a winning feeling among team members.

When you are first starting out, keep in mind that the speed of the leader is the speed of the gang. As fast as you build will be as fast as your team members build. One of the major reasons that people fail is lack of profit from legitimate network marketing opportunities. This lack of profit is directly in correlation to downline building. Creating wealth, motivation and success comes from the sense that this opportunity is a real winner. As a downline grows, more and more people work because they believe they can achieve the same success as the leader.

With that said, what is the fastest way to build a prosperous and happy downline.

One of the most effective and super-fast methods utilized today is working via the Internet to generate warm, interested leads. You can combine online, direct-marketing tactics with any MLM program. Setting up an inviting and professional website combined with a landing/squeeze page to generate leads and a god email capture program is about all you need to successfully generate an unending supply of interested leads.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Take a look at the core concept and the steps involved to see how easy it is to implement this system.

Core Concept #1: Online Recruitment Is Faster & Easier

Back in the dark ages of multi-level-marketing, you know, before the World Wide Web, representatives needed to do a lot of footwork offline. Selling products, getting leads and recruiting new reps to build a downline entailed a great deal of grunt work, talking and convincing family members and friends that it was a great opportunity to try out. There were seminars, lots of face-to-face, one on one, one on two meetings where experts in the industry came in to close the deal.

Sales and Lead Generation Was Hard Work!

With the blossoming of the Internet, virtual recruiting has gradually replaced all that back and forth. People, who might be interested in joining a particular business opportunity only needed to look online at a video, listen to an audio and then find the site and sign up. Or, there might be an intervening "squeeze page" where their information like an email address, first name and telephone number was acquired in exchange for the information. This allows live human beings to follow up later to close the deal. All that pounding of the pavement and attending meetings was eliminated.

Converting people into paying representatives became that much easier. It also became easier to convince people because they saw the ease at which the process worked. It became doable. They no longer needed to sacrifice hours of their time to make a living.

The steps to setting up a promotion and sales funnel for any MLM program is extremely easy.

1. Get a website and set up a lead capture/squeeze page to get leads.

2. Use various advertising and natural search methods to send traffic to that page.

3. Take the leads and follow up via auto responder immediately and later by email or phone for truly interested prospects.

4. Track your conversions. Create a separate mailing list for people who have joined your team. Ask them to opt-in, so that it's SPAM-proof.

5. Rinse and repeat.

That's it. The five steps above are at the core of the method for building a happy, prosperous, ever expanding downline in a really fast manner.

In order to do this effectively and efficiently, there will be a learning curve as certain online skills are acquired. The outcome and results, you will discover quickly, will far outweigh a self-education you need to undergo. This article only brushes the surface of the Internet marketing boom and how you can take advantage of it to build a thriving MLM business.
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