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The 4 Most Important Tools Every Affiliate Marketer Needs to Succeed

Jun 8, 2008
There is no doubt that affiliate marketing is one of the most powerful and trouble-free ways to earn money with an online business that doesn't require a large startup cost. However, to truly succeed with affiliate marketing, there are several tools that can make your job a lot easier.

For the purposes of this article, I want to tell you about the four most important tools that every affiliate marketer needs in order to succeed in their business efforts. For each of these key tools, we will discuss how they can make your work as an affiliate marketer much easier and more profitable.

1. A Professional Web Presence

Never underestimate the power of a professionally designed web site. Any successful affiliate marketing professional will tell you that there is no other way to increase your online business credibility and with credibility comes sales.

Instead of simply providing a simple text or image link that will send your customers to the product owner's web site you can ensure that your visitors spend more time on your own web site by providing valuable information in the form of testimonials and product reviews.

2. Reliable Web Hosting

I can't stress enough the crucial importance of having a reliable web hosting company. Web site downtime means that you are losing valuable sales time. If the customers can't access your web site, they can't buy from you and that means they are going to look elsewhere.

3. Auto Responders

Customers want to know that they can reach you when they need information. This increases their confidence in you as a marketer and this will often result in an increase in sales. Auto Responders will ensure that your customers receive an immediate response to their inquiries even when you aren't sitting in front of your computer and in a large percentage of cases, the information in your response will answer any questions they may have had and your job is done.

4. Advertising and Tracking

Advertising is a tried and true method for driving traffic to your web site, and increased traffic will by default increase your sales. Affiliate commissions are based on sales, so you want as many as possible.

By using an advertising tracking system you are better able to gauge the success of particular advertising campaigns to assess the effectiveness and decide where your ad money is best spent.

You should always be mindful that at any given time, thousands (or more) of other affiliates are marketing the very same products as you. By using these four basic tools, you are making your online affiliate marketing business not only look, but operate more professionally and efficiently.
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Matt Coy is the Founder/President of InFront Tools , an Internet Marketing company with tools designed to keep you "in front" of the paying masses. Copy our blueprint for Affiliate Marketing success at TheDecisionOfYourLife.com.
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