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Business Opportunities Are Paid Surveys The Real Deal?

Jun 8, 2008
Marketing research firms will often pay to have their products tested and reviewed by consumers. This old practice has now reached the internet and offers some the chance at a second income. There are several places online that serve as a middle man between people willing to take surveys and the research firms that offer the products to be tested.

It's sort of like when you get a free sample of laundry detergent in the mail. There is usually a survey form along with it asking about your opinions of the detergent. The same principle is at work with paid surveys.

The methods of payment range from cash, coupons, free products, discounts etc. All you have to do is join a survey site and begin. Make sure you read the fine print before you commit to any survey. This will ensure that you are properly informed so you can give a detailed account of the item. Most companies simply want to select a targeted demographic that may have already tried out a particular product.

It could also be a situation where they want to test out something before it hits the market. Some items need to go through public scrutiny before they are ever released. Surveys may be tailored for smokers to see how their taste buds react to their new flavored gum.

If you plan on doing this as a business opportunity then you will need to join several paid survey sites. You select which survey you want to take in the specified period of time allotted. It could be a five minute survey or a thirty day credit card trial offer. It varies per paid survey site and by the survey itself. This isn't a forty hour a week job but it can be if you want to go to that level.

However, for the average person who wants to try out new things this is the chance to earn a few bucks while enjoying new items. There really are people who get free Ipod's just for taking surveys. People really do get paid to read e-mails and apply for credit cards. Anyone of these things may be available to you on a paid survey site.

One user per household is a typical clause in the agreement with a paid survey site. This is to ensure the supplier that no fraud is taking place with their products. You may want to check with others in your household to see if they have taken part in paid surveys in the past. If they find out that more than one person per household has already done their survey you may loose your membership rights.

Something else you should be aware of is your age, gender, marriage status and location. All of those facts and more may play a part in you being disqualified from taking a survey. They may want a man's opinion on a certain bra but the chances are they want ladies who can wear them.

In general, paid surveys are a good way to try new products and receive some sort of payment for doing it. Just don't expect to become a millionaire from it. You have to understand the nature of the business and realize that you are helping to better a company by providing them with your honesty.
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