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Getting Referral Business - A Proven System

Jun 8, 2008
Business referrals are one of the tried and true (but sometimes frustrating) ways to grow your small business. A few years ago I learned a fact about how the brain works that when I applied it, exploded my referral business. Below, I'm going to quickly outline it for you so you can start using it today.

When and how do you bring up the whole conversation of referrals?

The first meeting is the best time in the relationship to let people know how you work. To build your business with referrals, you advise people right away that referrals are how you do business. Here's why:

You have a center in your brain called the reticular activated system (RAS). This system is the attention center of the brain. It also functions to automatically filter out all of the various noises and distractions in life that are not important right now, so that you can focus on areas that are important.

For example, a mother sleeping in a 14th floor apartment above a noisy street can sleep, oblivious to the noise below. Yet when her baby stirs two rooms over, she's up like a flash and at her child's side. The reticular activated system is the brain's system to selectively and automatically focus what you pay attention to.

You can fall asleep watching TV and not pay attention to those sounds but immediately snap awake when your dog starts barking or someone opens the door. Or if you want to find someone in a crowd and they call your cell phone to let you know they have a red hat on, suddenly all the red hats appear. The RAS developed to instinctively choose what you notice.

Some people advocate that the time to bring up referrals is after a product or service has been delivered and the customer is happy with the outcome. However, if you do it this way, your customers RAS will not automatically work with you. Your customer has gotten their result and their mind is on to the next thing - you are automatically forgotten.

You prime the pump by talking about referrals right away.

Example of a Referral Request

When you're talking to your customer for the first time... you can say something like, "Mrs. Jones, I only will take you on as a client if I am absolutely convinced that I can over-deliver exactly what you need.

"Mr. Customer, I'm confident that if we start together, eventually you will be pleased with the results you get. I don't take on new business if I can't deliver a great result and provide what they need.

My business uses referrals to spread the word. And to make sure that happens I keep working until you are happy.

When this happens you will probably want to talk about us to your friends, colleagues and associates. This is a good thing. As I mentioned, our business grows by word of mouth, so it is important to us that you are happy enough with our services to pay us for our work. We also want you to be so thrilled that you become one of our biggest allies and fans.

Once that takes place, I'm betting that you will want to tell you friends and associates about my service. Which is great! I'm going to make sure that you are so excited and pleased with your results that you can't wait to tell other people about me.

If you refer us to a colleague, it will be because of a benefit you see for that colleague by working with us.

I will commit to acting professionally and with courtesy in all dealings with you... and I will offer that same level of service to your friends.

I only have one request: If we work together, may I periodically check with you to see if you are thrilled yet?"

So if this makes sense, I'll be checking to make sure that you are happy with my service."

If you ask in this way, you will notice your referrals increasing. Without their having to work at it, your customer's RAS will be compelled to find friends that will benefit from working with you.
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