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What Exactly Is Internet Marketing

Jun 8, 2008
There are many different definitions of exactly what he is Internet marketing. In this article we want to take a look at definition of what that could mean to you if you are looking at starting an Internet business of your own.

Internet marketing is defined as all marketing activities on the internet. These include lead generation activities such as SEO and SEM, affiliate marketing, banner ads and emails. More importantly internet marketing also includes market analyses, benchmarking, performance measurement and customer relationship management.

When you consider all the things that are included in this paragraph you see that there is much more to Internet marketing and than just building a website and trying to sell something.

For this reason, many people who get started with an Internet business of their own quickly quit because it can become overwhelming. Trying to do it all can be that way for sure.

A better way to approach Internet marketing is to find a niche that appeals to you and then focus on. For example, there are people who make several hundred dollars or even several thousand dollars a month doing affiliate marketing.

There are others who concentrate on doing e-mail marketing, and do nothing but build mailing lists and following up with those selling to them. This is a very focused approach, because this is what they become good at.

Still others create products of their own, build a website of their own, drive traffic to it, and keep all the profits when they make a sale. This can be a little more complicated in that driving traffic to your website can involve various marketing mechanisms including search engine optimization, blogging, article marketing and so on.

If we consider the average person most people do not know the best way to get started when they first come on line looking to make more money. For this reason they are drawn to home business opportunities that provide most of what they need to be successful.

We mentioned affiliate marketing, and it is one of the best home businesses to get started in. However, even affiliate marketers must learn how to develop traffic to their websites, and how to choose the best products to sell in the first place.

In summary, internet marketing will mean different things to different people. The bottom line is, if you will focus on one thing and get good at it, you can make money on the Internet with your own online business.
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