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SEO - Why SEO Is Great For Businesses

Jun 8, 2008
Nowadays, almost all businesses put up websites on the Internet. A website serves as an external representation for a business. An offline business can use its website for prospects to enquire about their products and services. For an online business, its website is the only way to get sales and make money.

No matter whether you run an offline or online business, search engine optimization or SEO is a must if you have a website. SEO is the foundation of online marketing. Simply putting a website on the Internet is usually not enough. Without traffic, there will be no one to enquire about your services. Yes, you can use offline marketing means to drive traffic to your website. However, offline marketing is very expensive. Although SEO is costly at the beginning, but the result is for yours to keep. In the long run, it will definitely be beneficial for your business.

When your website is SEO-friendly, it means that it is easy for major search engines such as Google and Yahoo to find it. At this very moment, there might have prospects who are searching for products and services that your business provides but do not know your business name. When your website is not ranked in the top 2 pages on Google, you will be giving businesses away to your competitors who already have their sites optimized to top pages. These sites that show up immediately when prospects search for related search terms are those who have made use of search engine optimization techniques.

Search engine is usually the largest source of traffic for most websites, so you may not want to miss out this big pie. When you see that a huge amount of purchases online are preceded by the use of search engine, you will know why getting your website to rank high on search engines is so important for business survival. When a person conducts a search, he or she will usually not look beyond the first 2 pages. So if you website is buried under the second page, you will most likely not get the traffic that you wish to have.

To get your website optimized, the first thing that you need to do is to design a SEO-friendly website. Your website should not build entirely on Flash, frames or JavaScript. By doing so, it will cause your website to be unrecognizable to search engines. When building your website, remember to tag your pages with keywords you wish to optimize. Do take note that not only will search engines look for keywords, they will look for relevancy too. So make sure that you tag the relevant keywords according to the content of your page.

SEO is definitely a great investment for your business. Work on it now and reap the rewards in the future.
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Cheow Yu Yuan is the co-founder of OOM, an online marketing agency providing SEO Singapore services.

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