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How To Get Content As Easily As ABC

Jun 8, 2008
How do I improve search engine rankings? The answer is quite a bit long, but here is one of the things you need.

Search engines love content, visitors need it too if it is good content so you have to find ways to get this content everyone is talking about.

Videos or audio can be called content for visitors but for search engines no. They want written words. Your videos, pictures, audio can still rank in the search engine results of the images or video section. They are not useless neither. But we want content to rank our website in the search engine results.

First of all you can practice writing articles and in no time be able to write articles fast. You can add the content yourself anytime you want it. There are a lot of benefits you get when you improve this skill a bit.

You can create articles to submit to article directories, add content on your website, create blog posts or create ebooks and become well known in your niche more since you are an author.

Even if you have an ebook you become known as an expert instantly. You can easily make money writing articles for others on freelancing websites as well. You can become a co author for other blogs and get rewards from article directories once you submit a lot of articles. The benefits are there.

Hiring a ghost writer is another option, but to hire someone professional you need to have a good budget. There are many so called authors on the freelancing websites, many do nothing but re write articles or copy from other articles. So be careful to choose a real article writer.

You can ask your visitors or customers what they want, so you know what to write about. Simple visit forums related to your niche, then you can ask them questions, see what their problems are and talk about solutions in your articles or blog. It is a way to generate a lot of unique content.

Create an article directory on your website, using one of the article scripts. That allows visitors to submit their articles, giving you a ton of content for free. You can also add adsense to the directory to earn some money and other simple tweaks to give you some good return on investment.

Why not allow other blog authors to post on your own blog? They just put one link to their blog or website in return for the free content they give you. You do not need to worry about the duplicate content false theory if you want to succeed. Actually you must keep your eyes and ears open to these theories but when you hear some new one put it aside.

There are dozens of forum scripts you can add on your website. In any niche you can create a discussion forum. Not only you attract new customers but also you get free content from your members. Forums give you many benefits.

So as you can see, applying one of these methods makes a huge difference. Pick your favorite one, the one you think you like the most. After all you need to love what you are doing, this is your business, something you are going to do over and over again. Once you pick one master it and then pick another one and another one.
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