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Web 101 And More Through Video Tutorials

Jun 8, 2008
Have you tried to create a website, search engine optimise it and then market the new website, all single handedly? You most probably haven't. The reason why most people can't do it themselves is the simplest reason - they don't know how to. Even if a friend, colleague or course tutor has taught it all before, sometimes it's just hard to grasp everything right at once.

Learning something new isn't always easy. That's why when someone simply instructs, it's hard to absorb everything into your brain.

The difference between advising someone and showing by example is obvious - instructed, people easily forget; shown, and they remember forever. This is best seen in children, who learn most things by example only.

Now, there are easier ways to learn than to try and memorise everything that's taught to you. If the World Wide Web interests you, one great way to learn web basics and more advanced techniques is to watch a video on how it's all done. These are available for online purchase and will cost you less than $20. What's so exclusive about them? Everything.

From building a basic HTML website to integrating audio/video files in a fully-developed dynamic web portal, or from search engine optimisation 101 to tips on earning over $10,000 a month with web marketing, these video tutorials have everything you'll need to become a web guru in a short time period.

These video tutorials are beneficial because they provide hands-on experience in a neatly bundled package for learning web techniques. The many years spent on mastering the techniques are presented for you to learn instantly and anyone interested can buy these videos easily on the internet.

Usually, these web video tutorials contain 200 to 250 videos, each containing step by step instructions through practical example, so you'll never need to read another tutorial again. Watching such a video once is enough to learn what it teaches, but if you need to, you can always watch it again and again. Unlike reading copious paragraphs on how to do something, it's more logical to learn by watching how to do it.

There is no need to sit and watch all of the videos in one sitting. You can gain knowledge on a wide variety of areas such as building a minisite to affiliate marketing tips. All of them can be watched individually and the knowledge that you gain will help your experience on the internet be a much more enjoyable and profitable one.
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