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How To Make Money With Only A Website And SEO

Jun 8, 2008
SEO is nothing more than a method to drive traffic to your website. It is very popular though because it works, it gives targeted visitors and the amount of visitors you can get is almost endless. All in all it is one of the best methods to get traffic.

To make money with SEO, you need a website or a blog. Here are the two most common and proven methods.

Blog and adsense.

Blogger blogs are better than wordpress in regards to search engines. It is because these tend to rank very well and very fast in Google search engine. You need to have great content on your blog for this method to work. Give your visitors the best thing they expect. Not a bunch of articles.

Just ask this question to yourself. If you are searching for what you are providing on your blog, what is your reaction? Do the blog posts solve or provide what you are looking for?

There are many methods to strategically place your adsense codes. The best position is to place adsense under images. They are more likely to get clicked.

Affiliate marketing and seo.

You can get your affiliate link in the top search engine results. Unlike what you may have heard it is very possible. But you have to do it in a special way. First of all you need to buy a domain name. Then you have two options. The best one is to create your own website, marketing the affiliate product. Then use one of those tools to link directly to the order form, instead of linking to the affiliate link.

Clickbank also provides a simple code to do this, even though you need to check if this is still available. Before linking to the order form, you need to get permission from the affiliate program owner. So send him an email. This is a time and tested method to sell affiliate products or services using SEO traffic from your own domain name.

The other option is to use one of those tools that masks your affiliate link. Means when you visit your domain name, the affiliate link loads. It is important not to choose one of those tools that simple redirect your domain to the affiliate link.

There are tools that allow you to add meta tags on your domain and without redirects. With this method you cannot edit the homepage of your site. But you can get it ranked by getting backlinks.

Keep in mind it is not a good idea to read all affiliate marketing ebooks and courses before doing something. The right way is to become exited and enthusiastic about your new Internet business and start working on it instantly, even if you mess up many things. That is how you learn.

It is important not to mange multiple sites at once, it becomes difficult and you cannot focus deeply. SEO on one website will bring in more results than if you do SEO on several websites at once. Your goal is simple to pick one of the methods and stick with it until the website is successful. It means until you see results, which you can then double and triple.
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