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What exactly is Web Hosting?

Jun 8, 2008
When running a home business, being self employed having a web host is essential even vital to success. This is in addition to the personal reasons behind finding a web host to create personal websites and blogs.

The majority of people who regularly access the Internet will either have a website or are thinking of having one. Anybody interested in running a website will find the following very useful.

So, What is Web Hosting?

This is the first place to start when looking into building a website. In order to have a website that can be viewed by others it is necessary to have a few items. The first is a subscription to a web hosting service and something to build that website with, such as Front Page. A Web hosting service is a service which takes the web page that you have created and places it or hosts it on a set of servers which are connected to the internet allowing your website to be viewable.

Hosting services also provide things like basic maintenance, blanket access to build your website, or FTP access for uploading completed webpages. Domains can usually also be purchased through these companies since many provide one stop shopping.

Web hosting - What to look for in a provider

Since you now know what web hosting is, you should know what to look for in web hosting services. The first thing to look for is the availability to switch options in packages if you find there's something in your current package that you're either lacking or is not needed.

There should be no penalties for doing this, or if you find that being able to switch would be a significant hassle then consider a different web host provider. There are a number of services on the web that will allow you to trial their services before purchasing.

There are usually a number of features offered with paid hosting that go above and beyond what you might need including web building software, marketing services, as well as Google, Yahoo! and MSN. These credits and features are great for businesses but may be over kill for personal websites. Other features may include things like email, blogging, forums, databases, and the ability to handle streaming video.

In the end, after having a general concept of what web hosting is and what it should offer, you will find plenty of companies that are reputable and reliable that can offer you exactly what your looking for, creating and maintaining solutions for your business and personal needs, and help keep you on budget too.
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