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The Advantages of using Dow Corning Sealants

Jun 8, 2008
Dow Corning sealants have been used in a number of different industries for many decades now. The main industries that the sealants which this company produce are construction, aerospace, automotive, electronics and industrial assembly and industrial maintenance.

The company itself was established back in 1943 and was originally looking at seeing what the potentials of silicone were. However, today this company is now at the forefront of silicone based technology and offer over 7,000 products and services to its customers.

Below we look at just a few facts regarding the kinds of sealants that Dow Corning not only offers to the various industries we have mentioned, but also to the general public as well.

1. A large number of the sealants that this company now produces have been developed in order to seal and protect a particular item or component. They are used in computer technology for providing protection to silicon components including chips. Plus a large number of their sealants are used by the construction industry for ensuring that buildings are sealed properly.

2. The sealants which are used in construction have before being made available undergone numerous tests in order that they comply with certain standards. Everyone of their products in the construction are used the world over because they comply to specific construction regulations as well as them being able to withstand a range of temperatures.

3. Each of the sealants that the company manufacturers has over the years proven to be of the highest quality possible. They not only retain their adhesion but also their elasticity and can cope with the extremist of conditions. These sealants are not only designed to cope with levels of high humidity but also exposure to UV light.

4. As well as their products being easy to use they are completely odorless and very durable. In many cases it may be several years or decades before you may find that you need to reapply a coating of this sealant.

5. The sealants that the company provide come in a number of different varieties. There are those which are free flowing and there are those which cure in place to form a gasket. But you know that once in place they will protect for years to come.

6. Their sealants along with their adhesives and caulks can be used for a number of different applications within the home. They can be used for plumbing, air conditioning and heating systems along with sealing windows and doors. There are even some products which have been specifically designed for use with rain water items.

7. All Dow Corning sealants have been manufactured so that they can be used with any kind of material. This includes wood, plastic and metal.

However along with the Dow Corning sealants this company is able to provide so much more to their customers. They are now able to provide everything one will need when it comes to either construction or refurbishing a property. This means that you will save yourself not only time but money as well as you can get everything you need all in one place.
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