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Green Business: 5 Easy Steps to a Greener Workplace

Jun 8, 2008
With the "green movement" taking the world by storm like never before, now is a great time to take a closer look at how your company stacks up. What current green initiatives do you have in place? There's no doubt room for some improvement. Read on for easy ways to go green at your company and don't be surprised if your green workplace also saves you some green. Reducing consumption not only helps the environment, it can also help you cut costs in creative ways.

1. Do your homework.
Every company is different and that means that every company should create a plan that is reasonable for them. There are tons of resources out there that can help you set realistic goals for your company. Whether you search online or through a local library, you're sure to find tips and tricks geared towards your specific industry. Customized solutions are the most effective way to improve your environmental efforts.

2. Get real about recycling.
No matter what industry you're in, chances are that you'll be able to recycle some materials. Recycling paper is an obvious choice, but don't exclude ideas like recycling various office equipment or furniture, refilling ink cartridges, or donating whatever other office supplies or materials you no longer use. While you're at it, encourage your employees to use real bowls, plates, utensils, etc. to avoid excess styrofoam, plastic, and paper waste.

3. Work from home.
With gas prices on the rise, many employers are becoming more lenient with allowing their employees to work from home. Not only is this easier on the wallet (on account of less fill ups), but it's also better for the environment since it reduces toxic and hazardous CO2 exhaust. Or, if possible, bike to work and encourage your coworkers to do the same.

4. Take a good look at your current energy consumption.
Examine the way you heat, cool, and light your office throughout the seasons. Are you using low energy light bulbs? Are you making sure to turn out the lights or shut off the heat or air conditioning at the end of each day? Little changes can have a big impact on your energy consumption.

5. Promote lighter attire in the summer and warmer wear in the winter throughout the office.
By encouraging your employees to dress for the weather - even inside of the office, you'll be able to turn the thermostat up or down, saving your company energy and money. Hawaiian shirt day, anyone?
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