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How To Construct Solid Decisions In Order To Make Money With The Internet

Jun 8, 2008
How many times have you faced a tough decision and searched your mind trying to gain clarity about the correct choice? You can spend hours analyzing the different facets of a decision because you want to select the most intelligent and the correct option.

Then when you think you have finally made the best decision, you freeze when you try to move forward on it. The resolution still doesn't feel quite right for some reason and what if you are making a big mistake?

If this approach seems to be happening over and over again, perhaps there is something entirely wrong with this problem-solving approach. You are assuming that every decision you are making will affect the ongoing quality of your entire life experience.

You assume that the outcome in life is the source of happiness and that is a big mistake. This is where the trap enters. There can be no correct decision if you use happiness as the criteria.

As you reach a higher developmental level you gradually learn happiness is not obtained from external events. In stead you learn to bring happiness to any circumstance. You loosen your attachment to circumstances and learn to feel good regardless of what happens.

The other portion of the trap is that you believe if you make the wrong choice you are doomed to a lower level of happiness. The truth is you always have power in the present moment, and that's the only place you do have power.

No fatal decision will totally disempower you. You can choose again and again. Try asking yourself what kind of an experience do you want to have, because you can find happiness in any choice one way or another.

When you are working with the Internet try not to fall into the trap of attachment to outcomes. Your life is what you are experiencing right now; it isn't a chain of one-time outcomes. Make choices when given that will enrich your life and help you grow.

Consider the difference between these pairs of questions: Should I start my own business? Would I like to have and feel the experience of running a business? Should I earn more money? Would I like to experience greater financial freedom?

Can you see how each question makes you feel a different kind of emotion inside? By living and experiencing today on a higher level you learn that happiness comes from internal measures. And by learning to live this way you begin to construct solid decisions in order to make money with the Internet.
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