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Revealing Human Relationships So You Can Make Money On The Internet

Jun 8, 2008
Where do all of our relationships exist? They exist in our thoughts. Our relationship with another person is whatever we believe it to be. We are always viewing our relationships through the lens of our own consciousness.

The relationships we have with other people are projections of the relationships we have within ourselves. Our external relationships and our internal relationships are in fact the same relationships. The difference is, we look at them through different lenses.

Intuitively you may know something is off in your approach to relationships. However, you will remain there until you realize that every relationship you have is really an association that exists entirely within yourself.

The subjective view of relationships is recognizing it is an internal issue, not an external one. When you work on yourself in an area you desire the other person to improve in, both of your change in that area with strong results.

We must realize no human being on earth has power to do anything for you or against you. With this knowledge, your relations with family and co-workers undergo bright transformations. You will never seek to influence others and never worry if they like you.

In personal relationships, in business or casual connections by understanding how human relationships work you can create a healthier atmosphere around you and for others. Experiment to see how your external relationships reflect your internal ones.

You would have a great advantage to make money on the Internet or elsewhere by understanding these human relationships and how they work. The more you interact with others, the more you learn about yourself.

If you have a challenging co-worker, delve deeper inside yourself or experiment with the test above. This will assist the two of you, your Internet business and your financial status to all grow in a positive manner.

It can be hard to admit that your complaints about others are really complaints about yourself. The upside is that those issues reveal where you still need to grow. With this knowledge you now have an accurate map so it's easier to get where you want to go.

A desire toward others creates an unconscious insistence that the other should behave the way we wish. When he does not, we feel cheated, resentful. We feel wounded from his selfishness, when in fact, it came form our false desire.

The true value of human relationships is that they serve as pointers to unconditional love. When you forgive, accept and love all parts of yourself, you will do the same to all other human beings as well. It's a fantastic way to accelerate personal growth.
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