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How Do You Construct A Blog Post To Make Money On The Internet

Jun 8, 2008
One major concept that a lot of bloggers overlook when it comes to blogging is the importance of having just not good content on their blog, but great content. Have you ever read an entire blog post just to realize that you didn't learn a thing and feel even more empty then usual? This is not the kind of feeling you want your readers to be feeling after reading your posts.

So how exactly do you make sure that your content is not just worth reading but actually helps out your readers so you can make money on the internet. You don't want them wondering if you even really read through your post before you even put it on your blog. There are a few things that you can check on every single post before you hit that submit button.

What Can They Gain From This Post?

After you have selected your topic and written your post, you need to read through what you have written and decide what parts are strong and what parts are weak. Then decide how you can make those weak points be a little better and even become other strong points. If you can't change them, then maybe just take them out of the whole post and re place it with something better.

Then after you have taken out the weak points, you should have a good post. Ask yourself what your readers are going to gain from reading this particular post. If you can come up with a few ideas, then you are set. But if you can't, then it probably isn't your strongest post. Make sure that they can learn something new or grow in some form by reading this post.

Grammar Is Important Too

One of the biggest turn offs for readers is when there are mistakes throughout the blog--grammatical or spelling errors are the most common. We can understand that not everyone is the best speller or isn't exactly sure where to place their commas and semi-colons, but that is why they invited spelling and grammar checkers. Take advantage of these tools to their full potential.

A Few More Things To Consider

There are a few things that are also just as important for you to look at before you really decide to post your content. Your first few sentences can make or break your entire post. Do they catch the readers attention and keep them interested enough to read on? But besides have a great first paragraph, you have to keep the whole thing real so that they will want to read the whole post.

The main idea behind your posts is to encourage and uplift your readers and if that isn't possible based on what you have written, then don't post it. Make sure that what you have written really is worth reading before you even think about putting it on your site. If you aren't sure about any of this, then maybe ask a friend for some advice or help on what you have written.
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