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Have You Thought About A Change Of Careers?

Jun 8, 2008
A career change is often a mixed bag of wrong doings and doubts for many people and this is a very common problem to say the least. As a result of which what happens is that things start worsening even in the midst of a career-graph notwithstanding a favourable atmosphere like personal skills or a corpus of large market. The list given below indicates the things that one should and shouldn't do while attempting to change careers. This can be immensely fruitful.

Things you shouldn't do:-

i. Just don't think to quit a job unless you have one in your bag. Do according to your manipulation, not by your whim.

ii. If one wants to change careers, it has to accompanied by a properly thought out decision. You shouldn't take a step in a minute.

iii. Don't switch over to another job only because it is lucrative from the financial point of view. Give priority to your own choice of a particular kind of work.

iv. Be realistic when you want to change careers. Please, don't start building castles in the air about your new job.

v. As said earlier, take your own decision irrespective of what the others are saying- be it positive or negative.

vi. Once you don't get a confirmation letter to join your new job, you shouldn't publicize this fact.

vii. Don't come out the shackles of your safe job until the time when you do get to know about the terms of compensation.

viii. Before you move on to quit your safe job, do make sure of the fact that you are not going to pay your monthly bills from the account of your savings.

ix. Having left your past job, don't start to make a negative campaigning about it.

Things you should do:-

i. Notwithstanding being a part of your current job, you should, if possible, gather information about your job in aim to change careers. Moreover, there is nothing wrong if you do part-time job in favour of your chosen career.

ii. You should carry on your learning process in spite of all the constraints of your present job.

iii. Be confident enough about your positive aspects in the field that you can easily surpass and then go for the requirements to change career.

iv. If you are frustrated and over-burdened in your present job but the job is perfect, strive to come out from the problems, not from the job.

v. Even while leaving the resent job, you should be generous enough to your present organization.

vi. Once you step in a new job, start getting acclimatized with your new environment. Don't waste time.
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