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The Top 4 Paid-Survey Sites - I Have Made Money With All Of These - Read The Review

Jun 8, 2008
Online paid surveys, we have all heard of them, or seen ads claiming you can make $75.00 dollars per survey, but is there any truth to this. All of the surveys I have listed here are completely free to join; I have personally signed up for the top four surveys, participated in the surveys, and made money on all of them. In this article I will review all four and let you know if it's worth your time to check them out.

The first on my list is pinecone research, this is one of the most exclusive online paid survey sites, and Entry into Pinecone Research is only through invitation or by finding its ads. So you may ask, is it worth my time?

The answer is yes.

Pinecone membership is restricted to U.S, Canada and U.K, but that hasn't prevented people from all over the world joining it to take advantage of its payment by PayPal. They are one of the few paid survey sites that pay through PayPal, to me this was a real plus. And once you're a member you may also be contacted to take part in product testing, the compensation for which is usually quite high.

The average survey from Pinecone Research pays $5.00 dollars, which is above average.

Most paid survey sites beat your door down with offers to get you to join, but Pinecone tries to avoid members. They change there sign-up link every couple weeks, so finding the correct up to date link can be a hassle. Pinecone Research's sign-up URL is constantly in high demand, for a good reason.

Second on the list is SurveySavvy, this survey site has over 1.5 million registered members and has paid out over 10 million dollars in cash to date. So how did it become so successful you may ask? By offering the highest paid surveys in the industry.

SurveySavvy pays far more per survey than any of its competitors. You can expect to make between $2.00 and $100.00 per survey, and you can get paid even more for discussion groups and product testing. The best thing about there pay system is that there is no minimum you have to reach before you can request a check. The only reason SurveySavvy wasn't my number one pick is because they do not offer PayPal.

The other cons to this survey site are that

1. They are very selective for who participates in any given survey.

2. You will receive far fewer surveys than with many other survey sites.

3. They offer payment by U.S checks only.

The number three survey site is CashCrate, to date they have a membership of over half a million people, and they have paid out millions in cash.

The unique thing about this site is that they pay you to complete their 'offers'. These offers consist of filling out forms or registering for free websites. Each 'offer', pays between $1.00 and $15.00.

Within the first hour of signing up for CashCrate I had over $20.00 in my account.

They offer surveys as well including two daily surveys that you can take that pay 80 cents each, that may not sound like much, but if you took just those two surveys every day for a month you would have earned $48.00.

Some of the cons for CashCrate are:

1. They do not offer PayPal; there payment is sent in U.S check only.

2. Most of there 'offers' are available to U.S and Canadian members only.

3. Hardly anything for international members

My fourth pick is GlobalTestMarket, owned by Global Market Insite Inc, is the world's largest paid survey community with members from over 200 countries. The company has paid out over 7 million dollars to date.

They use the market point's currency system. Each market point is fixed to 5 cents U.S. The average survey pays between 50 and 150 market points or ($2.50-$7.50). You can request your payment once your account reaches $50.00, and a check will be mailed to you in your local currency.

Something worth mentioning about this site is that their surveys are much easier to qualify for than many of their competitors, they have recently launched their new Survey Shuttle, with this if you are invited to a survey and do not qualify they will automatically search for more surveys that you can complete. This is something most other survey sites do not do.

Another way to make money with GlobalTestMarket is with their refer-a-friend system. This system allows you to invite friends to the site and if they join you will be rewarded with 20 market points. For website publishers, they offer an affiliate membership that pays $0.7-$1.00 per signup.

They also have a blog with a vast readership, the blog post information involving future plans and site updates.

GlobalTestMarket over all has more pros than cons, but here are some of the cons:

1. Payment is made by check only

2. Checks have a processing time of 6-8 weeks for International members.

3. You must have a minimum of $50.00 in your account before you can request a check.

I recommend that you join all of these survey sites, after all it will cost you nothing, but it will dramatically increase the amount of survey offers you receive. At the end of the day, more survey offers means more money in your pocket, and who's going to argue with that.
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I have been searching for different ways to make money online for the past few years. Time after time I have hit a brick wall, but every so often I will find a diamond in the dirt, and when I do I like to share it. Check out my check out my web site http://www.cash-for-surveys.net
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