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Advantages of Industrial Lubricants in Manufacturing

Jun 8, 2008
Industrial lubricants are essential to not only help maintain machines and their components. But these are also need to help ensure that industrial machines continue to function correctly. The main use of any kind of lubricant is to help reduce the amount of friction that would occur between two parts of a machine.

A large number of the industrial lubricants being used today have been developed to help prevent the chances of rust or corrosion developing on components within a machine that do not move. The large majority of lubricants one can purchase today have been made from either synthetic (chemicals) or organic materials.

Most of the organic lubricants that one can purchase today have been made from refined petroleum. Whereas the synthetic type ones have been made through a number of chemical processes. These lubricants will then being passed through a lubrication system of pipes and tubes that direct the mixture to lube points to those parts of the machinery which require it.

Grease, oil and silicone are the most common kinds of lubricants that you will have heard of and now manufacturers of these products have come up with biodegradable ones. The biodegradable industrial lubricants are extremely popular with companies who carry out manufacturing processes where food is involved. Sometimes there is a risk that the lubricant may well come into contact with the food and this could mean a whole batch of products will have to be got rid of. However, using a biodegradable lubricant means that this is not such a major issue for them.

Each type of lubricant that is now available is divided into two different categories. T he first type of lubricant is one that is used for machinery and the second type is for use with specific devices. Therefore each lubricant available will have undergone numerous tests to ensure that it functions to the highest standard possible.

As we have mentioned most of the lubricants being used today are made from oil or grease, but some equipment may use water to provide it with the lubrication it needs. The only problem with water is that it is unable to withstand high temperatures. This also goes the same for animal and vegetable based oils used as lubricants.

Therefore machinery which will be running at very high temperatures will use lubricants that have been made from certain minerals or which have been synthetically made. Most of the oils that are manufactured from use in the engines of a car have been made from either of these materials.

As mentioned previously the main role of any industrial lubricant is to help ensure that the moving components within a machine or engine continue to function correctly. Manufacturing companies who cares for their machinery and ensures that it is well lubricated find that their production levels remain constant. Plus today many companies now prefer to use lubricants which are recyclable and so help towards saving the environment.
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As you can see, industrial lubricants are a vital ingredient in many manufacturing processes. There are a wide variety of uses for them. RW Greeff supply these and a range of other industrial consumables to a variety of different industries.
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