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The Ubermensch of Internet Marketing: Inbound Links

Jun 8, 2008
The online marketing world is a microcosm of the offline marketing world. Many of the same principles apply, even though these principles must be applied differently, because you are working in a different setting. However, if you know how to market offline, all you need to do is learn new technology, and you can market online.

Just like in the real world, connections mean everything. The more people you know, and the more links you generate, the higher you will rank in search engines. This is a mutually beneficial way of generating clients. Both businesses benefit when people help each other.

So, in the online, it is pertinent to make connections with the right people. By making contact with webmasters, site owners, bloggers, and other sundry types, you can instantly generate a huge amount of links. Inbound links highly strengthen your search engine optimization as well as your internet marketing. When calculating Page Rank, search engines crawl web pages to determine the amount of links they contain.

So being popular online is a great way to optimize your web site.

Be the Online Party King

The most important thing you should focus on when you are optimizing your website is increasing traffic to your website. How can you do this? Easy. Make friends online. Get onto blogs and websites that are associated with your business, or get onto websites that you are interested in. Make contact with the regulars, and make contact with potential business partners. Once you cultivate these relationships, it will get easier and easier to generate links.

Making friends is fun, but you need to commit yourself to this process. Engage in discussions, have debates, meet people, find out about them. You need to be genuine and make friendships online. Remember, you won't like everyone you meet online, but you will hit it off with some of them.

Establish Goals

Its important that you make new friends consistently. Jot down the number of friends you would like to make in one week. Then do your best to exceed this number. You need to get to know these people so you're not just some creepo looking out for himself. Make sure you take the time to get to know them and find out what they're all about. Besides, that's what friendship is all about.

Customize the way you approach friends. Some will appear instantly as business partners, some will appear more as personal friends. Either way, don't go out there trying to sell stuff to these people. Get to know them and figure out how you all can benefit each other.

Take An Interest In Your Friends

In order to make friends online, you need to care about the other person and be interested in what he or she does. Ask questions, because you will learn a lot from this person. People notice when you care about them, so invest your time and energy into caring about them. You will be rewarded. But put them before you.

The Golden Egg: One Way Links

Well, in order to have one way links, you probably have to start off with link exchanges. Run a few blogs or sites so that you are kind of noticeable online. Remember, inbound links are way more valuable than two-way links.

You can employ the Trinity strategy, wherein you link to a friend's site, and you ask your friend to link to a different site that you have. This way you can optimize the number of inbound links you have. You can employ this strategy a lot. Search engines will rank you high when they find a huge amount of inbound links.
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