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Class Is In Session: Train Your Downline

Jun 8, 2008
You work hard as an affiliate marketer, or at least you should. Hard work with the help of a quality downline is your key to business success. Having a downline that works hard, and smart, allows you the freedom to earn while not necessarily working.

A trained and tenacious downline that's hungry for internet marketing success means you have time to enjoy the fruits of your success. All work and no play makes Jack and Jill extremely dull and exhausted as well. If your desire is to work and play, too, educate your downline.

Your downline performs optimally when trained to do so. Whenever you gain a new member for your selling team, you have a responsibility to them. Your responsibility is to give them the benefit of your knowledge and experience. Whatever valuable advice, tips and systems you have in place for your business, share it with your downline.

Think of how you felt when you first embarked on your affiliate marketing voyage. You were probably a little apprehensive, maybe even skeptical it would work. Even if you weren't feeling any of these emotions, you were probably a little uncertain of what the best approach would be to market your affiliate product. Any training you received in your first months was most certainly welcome. It made things easier for you and helped you build an income faster.

Your downline needs the same training. They need this training for three reasons:

* Your downline team needs to know they are dealing with a reputable affiliate company with a quality product. They need to know that this company provides affiliates with the training they need to perform their selling function properly. When a downline trusts the company and its product, they work harder to sell it. This benefits them and you. Your downline needs to feel the parent company has their best interests at heart. When you train them utilizing the company's training resources, you send a message to your downline that the company cares about them.

* Your downline needs to know that you are reputable and supportive. Sure, they may know they are selling a quality product from a great company. However, are you of the same quality to them as the product company is? Does your downline see you as someone who has his or her best interests at heart? Do they only see you as a giant vacuum cleaner trying to suck up as much profit from your downline while never communicating with them in any form? When you expend energy and resources to train your downline, you let them know you want them to succeed. If you give them the necessary training to succeed, they will reward you in spades. You ensure their long-term viability and your own when you train your downline.

* Your downline needs to know that they will have the knowledge to train their own downline as well. When you train your downline properly, they know how to train their own downline properly. This means they have quality, productive salespeople under them. This results in increased profits all the way up the chain. When you train your downline for success, they pass that knowledge and experience on to others and the affiliate program grows exponentially.

The best way to train your downline is to do it on a regular basis. Don't give them some token introductory training and then leave them to flounder in the giant sea of internet marketing. Give them initial, thorough training and schedule regular training sessions as new selling techniques come your way. Train them on new product features and accessories. Keep them informed and trained so they can pass this knowledge on to their downline and their customers.

Training pays dividends to the receiver and the provider of the training. It's a great way to build a strong downline that remains committed to their affiliate-marketing program. Train your way to internet marketing success with your downline as your students. The apples they bring to your desk may well be golden ones.
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