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How To Find A Business Wholesale Supplier Online

Jun 8, 2008
If you are trying to get yourself set up with a wholesale supplier, this can be quite an interesting process, especially if you are a newbie at this. The plain and simple truth is that some of the more technical material, tools and hardware are only available through a wholesale supplier. This is because of the fact that most retailers shy away from carrying inventory that is too specialized or that seem to be beyond the average consumer's comprehension.

When you think of wholesale, what comes to your mind? The first thing that pops into your head is that they are cheaper than retailers. Today that is not always true especially since the big dog warehouse mega stores came onto the scene. When these two entities start a slug fest, it can really work to your financial advantage. For your part, you just have to be vigilant at shopping around for the best deals.

Establishing credibility: It may be tough to try to establish credibility with some suppliers who are in the wholesale business. What you really need to do is to open a business checking account with a wholesale supplier. If you do not have an account, but pay with a company check, you are as good as in! You may even be in for a discount.

Where to look: Some of the time you may find wholesale suppliers by word of mouth, and at other times nothing beats the good ole Yellow Pages. Another very viable source that can be invaluable is the Internet. Now that you have it narrowed down as to where to look, you must then decide what kind of wholesale supplier you are looking for.

What am I Looking For: You first have to know what you are looking for in relation to products before you zero in on a specific wholesale supplier. Are you looking for clothing, accessories such as handbags, hats, scarves, belts sunglasses and the like, jewelry such as earrings, watches, rings, bracelets and diamonds, electronics such as cell phones, MP3 players, video games, DVDs, digital cameras, and car audio, gifts such as figurines, gift basket supplies, candles, baby gifts, gift boxes and gift bags, toys and collectibles such as baby toys, novelties, dolls, Christmas ornaments and games.

You may also want to be supplied with furniture and home decor such as housewares, clocks, curtains, furniture, kitchenware, towels and pottery or general merchandise such as dollar store bargains, closeouts, convenience store bargains, overstock, party supplies and books. Perhaps you already own a beauty shop and are looking for more bargains for your displays such as fragrances, skin care, bath products, beauty supplies, cosmetics and aromatherapy.

No matter what business you are in or what business you think you might like to try, there is bound to be a wholesale supplier who is able to meet your needs. An Internet search will bring you in contact with many of these suppliers. Then your business will be able to beat the cost of high prices and realize more profit.
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