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Forming That Solid Customer Connection

Jun 8, 2008
Affiliate marketing is all about forming relationships with people whom you hope will become customers because they see value in your product. However, customers also want to see value in you as an agent for that affiliate product. They want to know that they can go to your for information and support they need concerning you product.

That's why it's important to connect with your customers through other means than just the product itself. When you provide different resources for your customers' to learn about you and your product you build a connection with them. This connection leads to a profitable lasting business relationship.

Provide anyone who helps you market your affiliate product with a script. These scripts help them deliver the message about your product clearly. Scripts are great for phone and text chat sessions where you need the right answers available for a host of questions. A script also helps you consistently deliver the positives about your affiliate product.

A script helps you focus your message to your customer so you do not get off track. They are helpful because you do not have to go searching for information about your product. A good script allows for efficient dialogue with a customer. They present the most useful, timely, relevant information to a customer.

If you don't have a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page on your website, you should consider one. Customers appreciate easy access to basic information that answers their questions quickly. Think of yourself surfing around the web for information on a subject. You want to find your information without engaging in a complicated search project. A good FAQ page will answer the common questions the average consumer has fast.

A FAQ page will give them concise information and show them you are a provider of information to count on. They will often explore your affiliate product further just because of an answer they received on an FAQ page.

It's also wise to provide your customers with a knowledge base. Here, they dig deeper for detailed information about your product and services. Link your knowledge base to pertinent websites on the subject they are investigating. It may be a storehouse of articles and research papers on your product or subject that your product deals with.

If you are an affiliate for a health product, have an inventory of documents on your site that relate to studies done about your product and the findings. All of this shows your customer that you're an informed affiliate marketer. They sense that you seek to inform consumers and not just sell to them.

Last and certainly not least is good old-fashioned customer service. There are myriad ways to provide excellent customer service to make a connection. It starts before the sale when you pre-sell with quality information and answer questions from a potential buyer. It extends all the way through the selling process, and then after a sale. Customer service is continuous. Today's consumers expect it, demand it, and turn away from those who do not deliver it.

Offer customer service through regular communications. This establishes a connection because the customer sees you re not a one-time deal. Customers are very familiar with the "I got the sale, don't call us we'll call you" unspoken spiel from marketers. When you keep your customers up-to-date with product information, promotions, and new innovative products they tend to return to you.

Customer service that connects is also online support, phone support, warranties and guarantees. It is also after sale support callbacks to make sure they are happy with their product. It's asking them if there is anything else you can do for them. When a customer recognizes that you care for them 'after' the sale they will provide you with more sales down the road.

Connect with your customers through scripts, knowledge bases, FAQ's, and good old-fashioned customer service. Doing all of these things speaks well of you and your affiliate product. Connecting to your customer these ways is essential to online and offline marketing success.
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