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How To Start SEO With The Right Attitude And Direction

Jun 8, 2008
A common problem is that most webmasters think it is going to be too difficult or they give up quickly. Like anything else, you need to accumulate knowledge and experience, to improve your seo skills.

Do not give up if you struggle a bit at first and understand that it is very common. With everything you do, you cannot get something perfect at once. But you need to commit to the idea of getting one keyword in the number one spot on Google. If you jump from one traffic generation method to another, you always find the same thing. No method gives you instant traffic. Every and each method requires some time to at least get used to it.

A good idea is to focus on seo for an entire month and you should then see some results. At least if your website is brand new you should see some rankings starting from MSN, then Yahoo and finally Google. The older your site gets and the more backlinks it accumulates the faster it will rank.

Do not commit seo suicide.

Pagerank does not give you any significant meaning of your progress. Simple because all websites pagerank are updated by the search engines every couple months. You might already have some pagerank, but you can only see how much pagerank you have when search engines do a pagerank update. So do not give up just because you have no pagerank.

On the other hand, you can see where you rank instantly. Whenever someone searches for a keyword in a search engine, the spiders put up the results with the best optimized websites at the very top. This is done each time someone searches something. That is obviously good news, there is no such thing as ranking update. If you merit the number one position, you are going to be there now.

There are several reasons why these thing work like this. But it is technical things that are not very important for us to know.

Checking how many backlinks you have is also something which many webmasters do the wrong way. First of all never use Google, because they do not show all backlinks a website has. It is recommended to use Yahoo or other search engines.

If you got a thousand links the past month, it does not mean you are going to see a thousand backlinks when you check how many backlinks you have.

For example, if you got backlinks from webpages that are not yet indexed, they will not show up. There is nothing to worry about here, but simple do not judge your progress by the number of backlinks you have.

You judge your progress by checking where your website ranks for your particular keyword. That is the ultimate method. You improve your search engine rankings bit by bit, starting from nowhere you see your site in MSN probably page 1-2, then you get into Yahoo and then in Google. From there you move to page 1-2 of those search engines as well.

The motto is, have fun while doing seo. It is worth doing, so why not have a happy attitude, it makes thing better. Getting the first keyword on page one or two in Google for the first time is very exiting. Probably once you master seo you feel less exited when you get rankings. This is like making money online. Your first twenty dollars or the first sale is the most exiting.
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