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Green Business Trends: The Changing Shape of Corporations

Jun 9, 2008
Companies are turning green like never before - and we're not talking money. Green business is now viewed as being cutting edge, environmentally-friendly, and an asset to future growth, all at once. And now is a great time to get involved. Small changes can have a big impact, so don't think you need to have millions or even thousands dedicated to make a difference. As you'll see, it's all about creativity and personalizing solutions based on your specific industry. Read on for inspiration on ways that your company can turn over a new leaf, so to speak.

Green Buildings

Major corporations are playing it green from the ground up. For example, JPMorgan Chase uses the roof of its 53 story headquarters to collect rainwater which is filtered and then used for toilet flushing. Even more impressive, Bank of America recently announced that its new building will employ a heat exchange system that will gather heat from groundwater and use it to help heat the building in the winter. In the summer, the system will force the heat beneath the building. This, in addition to other green advancements will contribute to the large building only using half the electricity normally needed to power a building its size.

Green Machines

Dyson has created a new hand dryer that uses half the energy of a standard hand dryer unit. Best of all, it does it in half the time and pays for itself in a few years. And technology developed by Microsoft called EcoDrive will record car performance information using a USB key. Simply plug the USB into a computer for tips on how to lower emissions among other helpful details.

Green Transportation

Sometimes the best way to cut down on CO2 emissions is to avoid driving altogether. High gas prices, coupled with environmentally-friendly motivations have resulted in many companies allowing their employees to work from home. In fact, 56% of Sun Microsystems's workforce is made up of virtual commuters. Another popular alternative for companies is to provide incentives (in some cases, up to $5000) for purchasing hybrid vehicles.

Green Packaging

Refining packaging decisions not only eliminates excess materials and waste, it can also have an impact on your bottom line. Concentrated liquids, more efficient packaging, and using environmentally-friendly materials - many companies are stepping up the green-packaging plate. Smaller packaging also means less delivery trucks on the road - and lower CO2 emissions. Talk about a win-win.
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