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Amazing Formula Attracts Storms of Free Website Traffic in 2 Simple Steps

Aug 17, 2007
Just launched your website? Want to make some cold hard cash selling your products, affiliate products or just from Google Adsense?

Is it difficult to get traffic to your website? I bet it is, if you're just getting started.

Now that you're up and ready with your own online shop, all you need to do is focus and plan to explode your traffic counter.

You might be in one of these 2 conditions right now.

1. You lack advertising budget.

2. You have some few hundred or thousand dollars in your pocket to test your website and get the ball rolling.

This article is for those who are planning to get started but lack advertising budget.

There are simple but powerful steps that will get you storms of targeted traffic to your website starting today. And yes, you can do this for FREE if you're really determined to succeed.

So lots of blah... blah, lets get started and I will show you 2 simple steps that you can cash on right now and sell your products like CRAZY...

Your FREE Traffic Generation Strategies EXPOSED.

Step 1 - Get Active in Popular Discussion Forums in Your Niche.

I don't care whatever niche you're targeting, I am sure that there will be some popular high traffic forums in your niche.

Hunt them down on Google. Create a list of atleast 20 forums in your niche and start participating in the discussion starting today.

Don't blatantly post your ads in forums, you will get banned instantly.

Rather post...

1. Valuable comments.
2. Answer questions posted out there.
3. Share your knowledge and expertise.
4. Post your articles if the post is related to your article content and
5. Last but not the least, post your signature file with a link to your website below the post.

You will see hungry visitors pouring into your website almost instantly, signing up as leads and purchasing your products.

Establish your credibility out there and you will soon see why I recommended you this tactic. You can easily get few hundred leads and dozen of sales every month applying this tactic alone.

Step 2 - Start Writing Articles.

Write valuable articles in your niche and start posting them to article directories.

There are hundreds of submission softwares and sites that will help you out in submitting your articles to hundreds of directories.

Make sure you do this on regular basis. Write atleast 5 articles daily, I know it is a lot of work, but do it.

With this kind of plan you will easily write atleast 150 articles every month that will help you out to get truckloads of visitors to your site.

Place your resource box with a link to your website below your articles and then start promoting them.

Apart from submitting your articles in article directories, also email your articles to website owners and ezine publishers in your niche. These guys are hungry for quality content to post on their website and newsletter, so make sure you get their attention.

This will get you some hoards of exposure in return.

While doing the above 2 steps make sure you track your ads that you place in forums and also your article resource box.

With this you will know exactly which ads are working and pulling in visitors and then you can use these ads in your future advertising campaigns such as pay per click search engines, ezines, etc.

Using the above 2 steps on consistent basis WILL surely get you tons of traffic and sales that you can ever handle without spending a dime in advertisement.

All you need to do is get started with a positive attitude and a killer determination to succeed.

Whatever you do, I wish you all the very best and success in life and business.
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