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Where's My Money? Pssst... It's In Your Strategy!

Aug 17, 2007
There are literally thousands of people getting online each day now, and many of those people are looking for promises of instant riches. Well, the sad truth is there is no such thing as instant riches, and once you get that out of your head, you're well on your way to starting to make a little money online.

The only thing that will make you a lot of money online is by developing a strategy. Once you get one strategy in place and making money, it's then time to find another strategy that will work and make you money. You keep putting in strategy after strategy until you are satisfied with the income you are getting.

Let's take a look at a short example.

Jane has just come online and wants to start making money. She looks at all the things she can do and decides to make money by selling an ebook. After Jane decides on what type of ebook, and how she's going to sell it, she's got herself a strategy. Jane gets her ebook produced and starts selling it, and now Jane is making money.

Jane starts making $1000 a month from her new ebook and decides she wants to make even more money. Jane thinks about this for awhile and decides she doesn't want to create another product, so she will find an affiliate product to promote. She finds her affiliate product and begins promoting. After some hard work, Jane is making about $600 a month off her affiliate product. Jane is now up to $1600 a month, and still wants to make additional money. Jane now decides to offer a proof reading service because she's an excellent proof reader. Jane sets her website up advertising her service and quickly Jane is making an average of $700 a month from her proof reading services. Now Jane is up to $2300 a month, and do you want to know why?

It's very simple! The money is in Jane's strategies. Through Jane's online career she can implement as many strategies as she wants to make money and her income will continue to grow. When one strategy stops producing she'll simply add another one, and she'll do this over and over again.

Wouldn't you like to be like Jane? Wouldn't you like to keep adding strategy after strategy until you were happy with what you were making? Well you can be and it's as simple as sitting down with a pen and paper right now and deciding what you want to do.

There are so many things you can do online like affiliate marketing, making money with Google Adsense, creating your own products, creating memberships, offering services, and a ton more. All you have to do is pick one of those things and go for it.

The key is to write down what you want to do, and the steps it will take to being able to do what you want to do. Don't let lack of knowledge slow you down. Seek out the resources you need to meet your goals, and you can be successful like Jane too!
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