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Give Them Answers and They Will Give You Their Business

Jun 9, 2008
You've heard the saying, "If you build it, they will come." It's also true that, "If you answer it, they will come." Where they will come to is your website to buy the affiliate products you're offering.

In affiliate marketing, you must be creative in the way you promote products. Sitting back while your banners and catalog listings sit on your site is not going to earn the income you desire. Be engaged in the selling process, in tandem with your website. Today, there are too many websites vying for the same business. Be proactive in drumming up business.

A great way to do this is with the question and answer forums available. These sites offer a platform for people to ask questions about anything and everything. While they deal with lots of things, products and services are two of them specifically.

One such site is Yahoo Answers. This site allows you to answer questions posed by participants on a certain topic. If you are an affiliate marketer of vitamins and you browse under the health category, you'll see many questions devoted to this topic. Set up a free account with Yahoo and access this area and its sub-headings. Answer any question that is relevant to the product you're selling while leaving a subtle link to your website in your forum signature.

Someone may ask, "What is a good vitamin supplement on the market today?" If you're an affiliate marketer who believes you have the best vitamin supplement, then answer the question. Answer it and let your signature reference your product page. This enables you to promote the product to a new audience.

Another site is Wiki Answers. Similar to Yahoo, one registers free to contribute and then chooses categories to browse. What's great is you can perform a targeted search based on the products you sell. You don't have to wade through all the questions asked. Match a category, then sub-category to your product line and fire away. You can answer a general question about hobbies and collectibles by mentioning your products or site devoted to baseball card memorabilia. It's all about creatively searching categories and creatively answering.

Another site is Allexperts. This site asks those well versed about a topic to sign up as a contributing expert. It doesn't mean you have to hold a Masters degree or anything in a discipline. You may be a barbecue expert able to answer tons of questions on the best ways to barbecue. Apply to be a volunteer expert and if accepted answer questions. Suggest your affiliate barbecue products or website in answering questions. It's another way to let people know you're out there and have what they need.

Some visitors to these sites ask specific questions about products. That's the ideal situation. If you search a category and find a direct question about a product you sell, you can jump in and give an answer. You can stress the product's benefits and uses. You can suggest how the product has multiple uses and where to find it on the web at a great price: you're website!

Keep looking, as an affiliate marketer, for ways to promote your products. The Internet is constantly changing and offering new forums to reach out to targeted markets. Answer questions with useful information when they come asking. Then steer these already targeted prospects your way.
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