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Why Entrepreneurs and Creative Thinkers Must Embrace the Unknown

Jun 9, 2008
Entrepreneurs and creative thinkers share one characteristic - embracing the unknown.

Rick Raddatz was part of a mastermind group that I was luckily enough to participate in. In one of the meetings he reaffirmed this point by what he shared.

Rick if you don't know came up with Audio Generator with Armand Morin and Alex Mandossian, located at audiogenerator.com. The service allows you to put your voice up anywhere over the web. People call into a number using the telephone and the file is immediately recorded and ready to be put on your website.

When Rick was first thinking about this concept he shared his idea with Dan Kennedy. Dan's advice to Rick was, "It's not as profitable in the mode that you're trying to use it." Rick shared that he had originally thought of the service to help married couples.

This advice left Rick in a predicament, whether to pursue his original concept or turn it into something completely new. This is when Rick decided to abandon the idea of using it as a tool to help married couples, but rather as a marketing tool.

This situation was something that Rick had never faced before. He was going to do something in an industry he had no previous experience in. He was embracing going to go into the unknown and that was the exciting part.

Doing something that seems risky and unknown rather than sticking to what comfortable can be choice of if you want to unleash your unlimited potential or stay mediocre with everyone else.

What is comes down to is, will you embrace the unknown and take a chance with something new? Or are you going to settle for just satisfactory?

There are two different types of people in the world. Those that will settle for what is easy and comfortable and those who are not afraid to go somewhere unknown. Creative thinkers are the latter.

People who make the decision to explore the unknown are all around us. They are the ones who set sail to discover a new island, release a product no one has ever thought of, try a different marketing strategy, or even re-release an existing product to a new market.

When a new piece of technology is created it is because the inventor believed there was a better solution to what was previously available.

You see, creative thinkers have this confidence, this quiet confidence in their abilities to generate ideas, no matter what problems or obstacles they face.

It is their confidence in their ability to come up with ideas that allows creative thinkers not to fear failure as much as others. They know they can solve any problems that may arise.

Having the confidence to create a new product that has never been developed before or discover a great marketing strategy not being utilized comes from being a creative thinker. They focus on the potential of their ideas, instead of worrying about what could happen.

Now, I want you to picture this. You are standing before two doors. Behind door number one is a road that has been traveled often. The road is well laid out with lots of road signs to point you in the right direction, it is fairly flat and doesn't have a lot of twists and turns. This path looks like you'll be guaranteed an easy journey. But even though this journey would be easy the destination ahead does not look very exciting to you.

What is behind the other door can only be thought of by you. You know it definitely isn't going to be a calm and well groomed path, like door number one. You also know you will have to use your skills to cut yourself a new path. You know too that making the path will be worth it because you will be remembered as not someone who just followed the easy path, but one who created the road.

People say that instead of standing idly by and watching others pass before you, you made things happen. For you, for your business, for your family, and for your future.

Being known as someone who has the courage to take risks, someone who will put in the effort to make something happen, is all waiting for you behind door number two. Your pathway to success to awaiting you behind door number two.

Door one or door two, which will you choose?
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