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What the Wealthy Don't Want You To Know About Using Email for MLM Success!

Jun 9, 2008
Are you taking full advantage of e-mail marketing in building your MLM? E-mail is one of the best tools in your arsenal of profit in network marketing. Not only is it easier to get started than most people think, but it will also allow you to put the bulk of your sales and network-marketing efforts, as well as team building, on autopilot.

E-mail marketing offers you the opportunity to: Allow prospective downline members to learn about your business opportunity, including such things as commission structure and income potential.

Improve conversions over longer periods of time, lending you credibility. Through creating a long term relationship, you build trust and an aura of reliability.

Grow your business. You can use email to keep your customers informed about upcoming opportunities, products and services.

Automate your business to a greater degree than most imagine. Do this through cutting-edge mailing list management software. This will allow you to plan by creating messages in advance that can be sent out at your convenience, in whichever order you choose.

Can you feel the power inherent in using e-mail as a foundational support to your business? E-mail marketing is both effective and reliable, a time-proven method of communication available for online businesspeople such as yourself. But how is it possible that a simple text-only e-mail can trump such interactive innovations as audio and video? It is important to remember that text, while it may seem to lack in snazzy features, is readily downloadable even for those accessing the internet with low bandwidth, and it is easily used by those who lack the experience to create elaborate multi-media presentations. Everyone and their grandmother have access to basic email.

Get started using e-mail right now in your MLM. Here are some tips as to the most efficient way to begin: Number One: Make sure to use an auto-responder in organizing your email list. The internet is littered with high quality autoreponders. Some are available in the form of software with a 'one time' license fee. The next step is to install the software onto your personal web server.

Of course, if you want to make the process even simpler, you can use a third-party service. Third party companies use their servers to host auto responders. Some even offer services on a complimentary basis.

Step Two: After you have found your auto responder or service, you will need to formulate an "auto responder series" to promote your business. This is a super simple series of quick e-mails giving a concise description of products, services, and the opportunity. All of this focuses on a 'soft' as opposed to 'hard' sells of the product.

In addition, you will want to formulate your messages in a way that is both highly informative and of strong quality. Every message should build on the others, creating a network of interactivity that draws each prospect a step closer to action--namely, purchasing your product or joining your team.

Place these messages in your auto responder, and schedule them to your convenience. You can send one message daily, or allow as much time as you like between each message. The choice is yours. Lastly, return to your auto responder and use it to generate code for your opt-in form. Using the cut and paste feature in your computer, insert this code into your web-page. It will in turn create a 'subscription box'. There, those who visit your website will have the opportunity to submit their names and e-mail addresses in order to join your mailing list.

They key to success in this area is offering incentives for each visitor to opt-in. Of course, the best way to do this is to use a dedicated web page, known in the business as a 'landing page'. This page is designed for one purpose: to motivate your visitors to join your list!

Once you have automated the process, you have all of the time in the world to devote to driving traffic to your lead capture system in order to grow your list even more!

And then what? Sit back, relax and let the e-mail marketing genie work its magic. With this level of ease and convenience, you'll never forget to turn to e-mail first when promoting your next multi-level program!
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