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7 Easy Steps To Take Today To Get Your On-Line Business Started

Jun 9, 2008
The principles of a successful business are always the same whether the business is large or small. The main principle is to find out what people want and then give it to them. Setting up a successful business is easy once you understand this principle and learn how to set up systems that enable a business to run by itself. These days the internet makes business start ups faster and easier. Using free PPC ads can really help this system attract customers that buy products over and over again. So how do you get started even if you have no money and no product?

A few months ago I was making a limited amount of funds on the internet. My wife was mad at me, I was worried about losing my house, I couldn't find a job and I was paying big bucks for any course that I thought would help me. Something had to change fast! Reviewing each course again I discovered that the gurus had given me their "make money" secrets and answers to free ad success. I just had not listened. I thought I knew everything but the results proved otherwise.

Determined to succeed, I came up with a system that I could use day-in and day-out to build a successful business on line. The difference was that I got started, didn't worry about being perfect and learned to have free ad success while getting my PPC ads free.

On the internet, more traffic usually means more sales and more expense. Search Engine Optimization(SEO) or viral marketing, is great to market your site but is time consuming. We want to get the top positions on the internet immediately and we don't want to pay alot. The old saying "It takes money to make money" is mostly true when wanting to get successful fast, but this doesn't have to apply to you. Get the top spots and best traffic by getting your pay per click ads for FREE.

Here are the steps to getting started successfully on the internet:

1. Go to Google and get your free Adwords account. This will help us do market research.

2. Create your own business campaign and call it whatever you want. Don't worry that you have no product!

3. After setting it up (and Google shows you how to do this) go to the KEYWORD'S tool and do a search for whatever idea you have or subject you like. The goal is to get a niche like boating or maybe "Learn to sail" or "Dog Grooming". Plug those keywords in and see which is the most popular. As an example say the most popular is "Make Money Grooming Dogs" and this just happens to be something you love!

4. Get the numbers of searches for the keyword to determine if anyone is interested in what your idea is. If it is on top of the list, it has great interest. Just to be sure, go to the main search at Google and type in "make money grooming dogs" . See how many sites and articles come up (upper right corner) and there probably will be 100's of thousands for this keyword. Take note of the ads on the right side and take note how they are written.

5. Go to master-resale-rights and pick out a product. You can get one there with a website and everything for as low as $3.99. This is yours to put your name on and sell-- make sure it is "Private Label Rights" and not "Resell Rights". Some of these products are absolutely awesome and some products just plain out stink (of course that is my opinion) and you may not know that until you buy them.

6. Get an account with clickbank, and/or PayPal so you can collect credit card info. This is real easy to do.

7. Get a list of the most popular domain names for your market (your domain name has to end in ".com") and then see which one is available at godaddy.
a. go to your google adwords account
b. click on "Keywords"
c. Using "dogs" as our subject, type in "dogs" or "dog training" or "dog grooming". Click "Get Keywords" a list will come up. Use this list to pick a good domain name with KEYWORDS IN IT!
1) "Dog Grooming Success" now becomes your potential domain. Just add a "." & "com" at the end. You can use words like "whisperer", or "success" or "expert" and you should have a unique domain name. Go to GoDaddy and type in all the possibles and see which ones are still available. Use your imagination.

Get a hosting account where your website will reside like GoDaddy, Fatjackhosting or Hostorix. Upload the site and product you bought at master-resale-rights and the host can help you get everything set-up and connected. There are many hosts you can choose from.

Now you have a business started. You can use Free Ad Success to learn how to drive free traffic to your site and start generating sales.
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John Finn, the total success guru, helps people working at home find success using the internet and free ads to market their network marketing, affiliate or private product business. Find out how you can get successful free advertising for your internet business at http://FreeAdSuccess.com
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